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Jan 3, 2007 11:40 PM

Need help finding FLUFFY baked omelettes Frisco (DFW)

Can anyone help me find a GOOD baked fluffy omelette in the Frisco/Plano area. I have gone to Original Pancake House off the Tollway. It was OK but it was nowhere near as good as in Chicago. You can go to any good diner in the Chicago area and suburbs and find a big fluffy cheese filled, oven baked omelette. I have also tried Cafe Brazil - Good for breakfast - but not "great omelettes". Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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  1. Try Kathleen's Art Cafe on Preston & SpringCreek in Plano.

    If you want to go a little further try Benedict's in Addison

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      Thanks for the info - I actually lived right behind Kathleen's for a month in temporary housing and never tried it. I kept wondering if it was an art gallery that served a small selection of food. LOL.

      I will have to try them both since there are NO good places in Frisco to speak of!

    2. Fluffy omelettes? Waffle House...

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        Is this a serious rec or not? I have only eaten one Waffle House in Tampa and I didn't know they even MADE omelettes LOL!

      2. I thought of one more place, little Gus. They are basically next to sprouts on Legacy & Coit in Plano. They are the newer incarnation of Cafe Gus that was a Dallas institution. They serve breakfast fare, Gyro's and burgers.

        Depends on what kind of omelette you want a fancy one with imported cheese, or just a good dinner type meal.

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          Thanks for jogging my memory! I have tried Little Gus' omelettes and yes they are probably the best that I have tried since moving here. So I guess I am on the right track as far as what I have tried already. Now we need a new place to open that has transplanted from Chicago!!! Thanks for all the help - keep the suggestions coming I am always open to travelling for a GREAT omelette!

        2. Unfortunately, Butch McGuire isn't opening any new restaurants these days, and Lou Mitchell's is too packed to worry about expanding. And I definitely miss Walker Bros. But Little Gus is good, and Cindi's on Midway also makes a very good omelette.

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            Yes I definitely miss Walker Bros. also! Are you from the Chicagoland area? Thanks for the Cindi's rec - I will definitely check them out.

            1. re: Chicago Native

              I lived in Chicago, Evanston and Wilmette for the better part of two decades. (And I am thinking about how much I miss the Disaster at Sarkis' right now...)

              Cindi's focuses mainly on "New York style" food, but they make a mean omelette. There's one on Central, too. However, it's located next to a casket store, which tends to temper my appetite ... or make me guilty about eating too much fatty corned beef!

          2. The only fluffy baked omelette I've found around here is actually at the Original Pancake House on Lemon Ave, right off 75.