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Jan 3, 2007 11:37 PM

Wild Pacific Salmon in Queens?

Someone told me I need to eat lots of grilled Wild Pacific Salmon and I'm getting a bit obsessed over it. I don't have gas in the crashpad I'm living in (don't ask), so can't cook.

Where can I find this on menus in Jackson Heights/AStoria/Woodside/Sunnyside?

I need to see if fresh direct offers this as a ready-made item...


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  1. All the salmon I see is Atlantic, and therefore farmed. Hrm. I gotta follow this thread. Oh! I know... How about Astoria Seafood. They will cook it there, and I've seen wild alaskan salmon there before.

    1. Fresh Direct has the salmon, but not prepared.

      I found this:
      I've never heard of this place ("Renaissance of Astoria"), but don't get a great vibe.

      This is disturbing: "Farm sea lice plague wild salmon"


        good link about counterfeit salmon.....

        saw wild salmon at the nasty fish market on 108th street in Rego Park, a block from Carmel--but it's not cooked there...

        Wild salmon is considered kosher so maybe you could find it somewhere cooked in Kew Garden Hills....

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          why don't you get yourself the cuisinart electric grill--very compact and excellent for grilling fish and making panini's...and not expensive...

            1. re: Jim Leff

              Wait, what about
              in Astoria, it's listed on their menu...might be pricey, but they've got it...............

              how about grilled vegetables as sides--or an electric rice steamer---

              1. re: janie

                great find, that's supposed to be a real good restaurant. Super hard parking, though.

                Speaking of vegs, I never see bagged prewashed sugar snap peas anymore. they were around for a while, and vastly better than frozen (and even a little better than loose/fresh). Anyone seen them in the nabe?

                  1. re: Jim Leff

                    super hard parking at trattoria l'incontro? they have valet. what's so hard about that?

                    1. re: ericalloyd

                      The valet must be new...or at least since my last visit, quite some time ago. the nabe is very tough to park in.

                    2. re: Jim Leff

                      They have valet parking... what's hard?

            2. George Foreman grilling machine.

              1. Also, I just realized. I've eaten in a thousand restaurants falsely claiming saffron in a dish, and in myriad other ways distorting and exaggerating. I have no way of knowing I'm getting wild salmon, except by flavor. And I'm not that hip on this stuff yet. Guess I really need to go educate my palate....