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Jan 3, 2007 11:21 PM

Juniper Grill in St. Louis, MO

Last week on Wed nite, I had some friends join me at Juniper Grill. My buddy and I arrived early and had a seat at the small yet well stocked bar. We had a few well made martinis until our friends arrived. We were promptly seated and started w/ some appies. The ladies had a baked brie that was about the size of a 1/4 loaf of bread. A request for some toasts with which to share it was promptly met. The ladies gave it a thumbs up. My pal had the shells stuffed with crawdads and smoked andouillie sausage in a Creole cream sauce. He said the cream sauce really set it off. I had the romaine & chicory lettuce w/ avacado dressing topped w/ blue cheese crumbles. Deelish and lightly but adequately dressed. The ladies also split an order of crabcakes, purported (and confirmed by our ladies) that they were 92%+ made of crab. I had the jumbo shrimp stuffed w/ avacado and blue crab topped with a pepper aioli and sided with creole risotto and roasted vegetables aka squash & broccoli. It was perfectly balanced and the presentation was perfect with flower garnishes. We passed on desert as we were too full and adjourned to the bar. The Grill appears to be owned by two brothers and one's wife was pinch hitting in the bar. She was a lovely conversationalist as was her hubby. They made us feel right at home and offered tastes of some new liquers that they had just received. I saw some mouthwatering pork osso bucco made w/ some huge shanks that were visibly bone slipping tender. The other patrons gave it a thumbs up as well. All in all, I really enjoyed the dining and cocktailing experience here and would readily recommend it to others. My bill w/ a couple of cocktails was right at $40. The address is 1928 S 12th Street (near 12th & Allen in Soulard). Website:

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  1. I am a huge fan of this place. Recently our party dropped by at 11p, and even though the kitchen technically closes at 11, the owner was staying open late for a few neighborhood regulars who called over and wanted to swing by. I love that the menu is split into two sections: large tapas style plates, and entrees, many with a creole twist. We had the corn chowder (notable for its crumbled andouille sausage throughout - yum) and the frito misto -- perfectly tender and delicately fried scallops, shrimp, and calamari with a spicy aioli. The wine selection was also wonderful. We met the owner as we sat at the bar for our small meal, and were impressed with his bon vivance and welcomig attitude, not to mention the food. Juniper Grill is a great mid-range priced neighborhood restaurant with a nice sense of intimacy and friendliness. And the food was really good.

    1. We were so impressed with the Juniper Grill that we gave Juniper Grill gift certificates as Christmas presents.

      1. Went there a few days ago. Very good food - had the Osso Bucco (huge for one person) and stuffed shrimp - both were great. Nice wine list. Loved the corn bread served with the meal. One minor complaint - extremely noisy room, especially considering it had a dropped ceiling. Most restaurants have bad acoustics - too many hard surfaces. Other than that, a very nice place. We'll be back for the Tuesday wine tasting menu.