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Jan 3, 2007 11:19 PM

Drago for NYE -- Something has been bothering me

Went to Drago for NYE dinner. Didn't go with the tasting menu as I'm allergic to shellfish and two of the courses contained shellfish. Anyway, the waiter said they had some great truffle dishes and mentioned the Taglionli with truffles for $78. I had seen the truffle menu on line and decided to order that. When the dish came, the truffles had been shaved in the back and appeared to be black truffles. I didn't say anything cause we were having a nice evening and I couldn't remember if they online menu had adverstised white or black truffles (I noticed that one of the tasting menu dishes came with black truffles). Well, I just check the on line menu and the $78 Tagliolini dish is supposed to be white truffles. Also, don't they usually shave them tableside? This was my first trip to Drago. It was good, but not great. Doubt I'd go back.

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  1. Beware of ordering in a restaurant from what you "remember" seeing on their website. Restaurant websites someimes do not match exactly what a restaurant is serving. What counts is what is being served that night you dine in the restaurant. It was your responsibility to ASK the waiter BEFORE ordering what was in the dish. Since you are paying for the food, you also should have asked all of these questions to your waiter in the moment. This is not the fault of the restaurant.

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      True, but the point is that they advertised a $78 dish containing white truffles, but charged the same $78 for black. Thus, it appears he may have been short-changed. That could be the fault of the restaurant and doesn't seem to jive with ethical business practice.

    2. Well, if you look at Drago's website right now, you'll see their truffle menu which features white truffles along with pictures of the truffles and an explanation of Drago's annual "truffle indulgence." The intro clearly references WHITE truffles and then lists the dishes they can be ordered with. I don't think it was unreasonable to expect that the dish would be served with white truffles given the fact that the description and price of the dish being offered on NYE matched that of the dish on the website (but for the important omission of the word white). I guess I'm just not ready to handle the "responsibility" of eating out.

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      1. re: Snoopy

        I agree with you:
        a) menu price corresponds to white truffles,
        b) they shaved blacks, and
        c) shaving should be done at the table.

        a+b is dishonest, period.
        c, however (and unfortunately) is not common practice in L.A.
        That's the way the restaurateur gets away with inferior quality stuff. The only way to enforce c is stating it very clearly the moment you order the dish.

        1. re: RicRios

          It was still good and it was a quite a nice sized portion of pasta, I was just a little disappointed. Figured it was going to be my last white truffle experience until next Fall.

      2. Memo to you: Never judge a restaurant by their NYE, Christmas Eve (or Day) and ESPECIALLY Valentines Day meals. They are just trying to pack 'em in.