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Jan 3, 2007 11:11 PM

Energy Cookies at Naidra's

OK, I am not at all a sweets eater, but I think I am seriously developing an addiction to the energy cookies at Naidra's.

Anyone know of a recipe for them? If not specifically that, something close to it as a starting point for experimentation?

Oh, and if you haven;t tried them, treat yourself!

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  1. did you try and ask them, Naidre is generally very accomodating....?

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    1. re: flo

      i wonder if the energy cookie at naidra is the one similar to the one at elixir juice bar or cafe angelique (both in manhattan)? i posted about this last month:

      1. re: cervisiam

        Yes, I'm almost certain its the same, as I've had both (live in PS and work in the WFC) I haven't bothered asking for the source though, I just know that they are awesome, and cheaper at Naidre's.

        1. re: Rocknrope

          maybe here's a start(with the exception of the coconut, also use almond/oat flour?)

    2. yes- ask Naidre- she is super cool. and if i may suggest a few other fantastic items at naidre's- the steak sandwich is amazing (with peppers and onions and spicy mayo) and MY new lunch addiction- the "Dawson's Salad"- a salad with turkey, bacon, hardboiled egg, avacado, and cheddar cheese on it! a bit of that balthazar bread and i am good to go! it's got all the food groups- bacon, cheese, egg... enjoy fb