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Indio available in US?

I am trying to track down Indio beer, which I had during a trip to Mexico a few years ago. It's made by the same brewery that makes Bohemia, and I have been looking for it for years. Do they import it to the US? Has anyone seen it or tried it? I remember it as being sort of an amber lager.

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  1. Heineken USA (a subsidiary of Heineken, which changed the old name of Van Munching when they bought the US importer) recently took over the importation of the FEMSA brands from Mexico. According to the linked press announcement-

    "Heineken USA will assume responsibility for the marketing, sales and distribution of the beer brands Tecate, Dos Equis, Sol, Carta Blanca and Bohemia across the United States."

    -it looks like they don't bring Indio in anymore. (Seems to me they used- I remember the cans- but I still miss their Christmas beer- Noche Buena. You'd think with the rise of Holiday and seasonal beers in the US, they'd bring it back).


    I suppose since Heineken was long the #1 import until the popularity of Corona took off, they figure they might as well join the crowd.

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      I traveled through Mexico in early 2003 and tried 25 different beers while there. One was a bottle of Noche Buena. This was Feb-March and it was exceptionally cheap at the bar, getting rid of the holiday beer. I remember it being sickly sweet. I only had one. I wonder if it hasn't changed since you remember it being imported.

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        I enjoyed Noche Buena back in the 1980s; I recall it being a bock beer, which would imply some sweetness. It was dumbed down before disappearing entirely from the market, I think in the US, but at least in the DC-MD-VA area.

    2. What a blast from the past! I lived in Houston decades ago. My fave British Pub (the original Rudyard's which alas is no more) served Indio in bottles. Man, that was a good beer. The closest taste that you'll find mass-imported today would be Negra Modelo.

      Also, note that Noche Buena was Dos Equis' Christmas beer - hence the name: "Good Night".

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        That's how I've described it to people -- "like Negra Modelo, but made by Bohemia"

      2. I think it's a lot lighter than Negro Modelo, at least in taste if not in color. Actually, it might be the lightest tasting dark beer I've ever had. Perfect for the Mexican climate.

        1. I had Indio Beer for the first time last month while I was in Monterrey with my wife. We spent 10 days there with her family and I loved that beer. I brought back a 6 pack, but that is gone. I haven't been able to find it either, but the guy at the liquor store said that Sol is now going to be imported so maybe that is a sign that they are getting around to exporting all the Femsa beers. I don't want to have to go to Mexico everytime I want Indio.

          1. Just returned from working in Mexico where Indio is my new favorite beer. Unfortunatly I was told it's not imported to the US

            1. I just got back from Mexico last week. My husband and I as well as our 4 children went to visit his mother and family members. I had Indo beer last year when we went and couldnt wait to get back there to get some more. We were supposed to bring a case of it back to the USA with us..but my darling husband forgot it. When I go again in May..I will definitely bring back more than a case LOL. I love Indio beer.

              1. I have lived in Mexico, off and on, for 20 years. I rarely drink beer in the US, but I can't wait for that first delicious Indio when I cross the border. Anyplace that serves Sol (as opposed to Corona) will usually have Indio. We get it delivered by the case weekly right to our door. Now that's living!

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                  How do you order it and get it delivered to your house ??? Is there a link or a service I can call ?

                2. Ah... yes, sweet, delicious Indio. My husband and I have one as soon as we get off the plane in Mexico! I hope to bring some home when we go next month :)

                  1. I don't know if I believe it... but someone told me that Trader Jose's private label Dark Lager is made by Femsa with the Indio formulation... might be worth a shot.

                    If you are going out of your way for a Mexican beer from Nuevo Leon.... you are much better off tracking down the Casta beers!

                    1. One of the best mexican beers around.Im so lucky to live down by mexico all I do is drive down there and pick up a case.

                      1. Being from Indio California, I was real excited to spot this beer at one of the first Trader Joe's probably 25 years ago. It was $1.99 a sixer and I lived on the stuff for quite awhile.
                        Here is a link to the home page for the brewery and the Indio page itself-
                        Check your mercaditos, carnicerias and such, I still run across the beer on occasion here in Los Angeles.



                        Viva Indio!

                        1. Not to change the subject too much but years ago in Cancun I drank a beer named Negra Leon. It was a lager sold in a 8 oz size wide mouth bottle with a peel back metal cap. As I remember it it was very malty and very dark, brewed within that general area and not what you would expect in a tropical country.
                          Anyone else remember it?

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                            Ah yes... Leon... from the defunct Cerveceria Yucateca (their other beer was the Montejo a Dutch style pilsner). No need to worry... both brands were nabbed up by Modelo and are going concern. They are starting to expand Leon Negra in markets that prefer Dos XX over Modelo's orginal Vienna... the slightly heavier Negra Modelo.

                          2. i drink it.... i use to drinkn it all the time when i lived in matamoros tamp. mex. i have a friend that ships it to me

                            1. i believe indio is now being imported. perhaps on the heels of victoria becoming extensively available across the country. i just found it at my local grocery store.i've enjoyed this beer every time i go to mexico (lived in puebla for six months) and have never found it here upon my return. hope it's here to stay!

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                                  JessKidden you beat me to it. I was at a beer conference a couple weeks ago and heard that Heineken USA was going to begin importing Indio. I also understand that Crown Imports is looking to widen the US market for Victoria, which is a Viennese lager. The thing about Mexican breweries is that, in many cases, they were founded by German immigrants who brought classic styles with them. Negro Modelo is an excellent example of a Bavarian-style beer. I'm not a mass-market beer hater; if a big brewery can make good, clean beer, consistently, and I can find it when I want it, no matter where I am, then I am a fan.

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                                    I had it at El Torro in San Bernardino County

                              1. So while shopping for a late nite cook out I found indio at my local grocery store. O was so happy to see it at HEB grocery and it taste the same as the one I used to buy across the border. Keep an eye out might be in you back yard also.