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Jan 3, 2007 09:39 PM

Blue Velvet -Downtown L.A.

I just had a great lunch experience at this new downtown hotspot! The Caprese Salad flatbread appetizer was to die for. Their french fries were the best I've ever tasted. Highly recommend it, at least for lunch. It seems to be new enough the there was no crowd for lunch, but I'm sure this will change soon.

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  1. i went recently for dinner, and i was blown away. really, really good food. i will definitely return.

    1. I had lunch there last Wednesday with a friend. We were the only ones there at noon, with no host, no guests, no bartender to be found. I found the busboy in the kitchen and asked him if they were open. Fortunately, they were. I had the most amazing lamb with parpadelle pasta dish! My friend's tuna was great but very small portion. A nice bottle of wine, two desserts (nothing spectacular), and two expresso's later, it was $75 p/p. The host was very gracious. I'll return for a simple lunch soon, hopefully on somebody else's expense account.