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Jan 3, 2007 09:38 PM

Great Meal Near The Loop

Im coming to Chicago for a business trip and will be staying at the "W" hotel. I have never been to Chicago before and my host has set up a dinner at Shaw's for thursday night. I have Friday night (dinner) and Saturday (lunch) open. Do you guys have any suggestions for a "cant-miss" meal in Chicago?


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  1. Everest. One of the very finest restaurants in the entire Chicago area. It's at the top of one of the stock exchange buildings just a couple of blocks from the W in the Loop (and a short cab ride from the W on Lake Shore Drive). Outstanding food, outstanding service. A wonderful meal is practically guaranteed!

    1. It would be helpful if you provided some context in terms of types of cuisine, price range, and ambiance that you are looking for. For example, Everest is a very nice and expensive French restaurant that is quite close to your hotel (assuming that you are staying at the W on Adams, and not the one on Lake Shore Drive). But some people think Everest is too stuffy and formal (and/or too expensive).

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        I agree that context would be helpful. "Can't miss" usually connotes the highest quality food, regardless of price, etc. But Chicago has lots of wonderful choices in every category of cuisine, price range, etc. More information would help narrow those choices down. It would also be helpful to note which W hotel you will be at.

        I disagree with the notions mentioned about Everest, and in fact I believe it is quite the opposite! The service is friendly and attentive, and the prices are less than some of the other top places in town (e.g. Alinea, Tru, Schwa) while the food is every bit as good (or IMHO better).

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          best quality is what im looking for...not necessarily best ambiance or most impressive...just best food.

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            For best food, I recommend Everest (as noted above).

            If you don't want to put on a jacket and tie, there are plenty of other, more casual places with wonderful food. I think One Sixty Blue is one of the very best. Also a short cab ride away (it's just west of the Loop).

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          Sorry guys...its the "W" on Lake Shore...i didnt realize there were 2.

        3. You are staying in the middle of Chicago within a 15 minute cab ride of SO many places. Hundreds. Any food preference besides "the best?" Cuisine..Food preference..Cost?