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Jan 3, 2007 09:38 PM

Hot and spicy desserts

I predict 2007 will be a hot, spicy year for desserts.

My typical dining scenario has been like this. I would be somewhat dazzled by the appetizers, somewhat pleased by the main courses, but somewhat disappointed by the desserts. Not because they are bad, but because they are predictable. Predictably sweet, too. Sweet is wonderful, but a dessert can be infinitely more complex. Tart(it can be uninteresting if it's too cleanly tart - as in some fruit sorbets), bitter, peppery.

My favorite home dessert of the moment -so easy to make- is granny smith or Fuji (peaches are better, but they are off-season)sauteed with fruit vinegar and ground white or pink peppercorns. (a scoop of creme fraiche ice cream with it would be nice)

Have you seen/made a great spicy dessert lately?

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  1. I have been more obsessed that usual with spicy things. Maybe need the endorphins to fight winter blues. Anyway I recently made a sichuan and chili pepper infused oil... and drizzled it on a brownie. Don't knock it until you try it. Chocolate and chili were born to be together.

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      Yes! I totally dig the chilli and chocolate thing, in brownies, rich cakes, etc. I had such from local restaurants/bakeries, but I never know how much to put in the mix, and haven't yet tried. Sometimes I add a little cayenne/chilli powder/cinnamon to really good quality chocolate sauce for ice cream (or caramel sauce too for that matter). Desserts with the hot against the cold are divine.

    2. I made some pumpkin custard last month and foolishly thought it would be interesting to add one hot chili to the spice mixture I was grinding.

      Mistake. Most of the custards went in the trash. But I can't say I won't experiment.

      To be honest, I overspiced the custard in general and that's probably why I tossed it, but I don't think I'd repeat the chili.

      1. I've been working on a box of hot chocolate mix with chili and cinnamon (like a spicy Ibarra) - I'll bet that would be great in all kinds of stuff.

        1. I love brownies with chopped candied ginger and a dash (or a few dashes) of cayenne pepper.

          I've also taken to drinking my hot chocolate with a dash of cayenne lately. It's not enough to change the flavor, but it keeps my insides warm on cold nights.

          1. I once had a caramelized banana 'split' with jalapeno chocolate ice cream at Spanish Kitchen in LA. The ice cream was spicy hot in flavor, but cold and sweet, too. Interesting combo!