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Jan 3, 2007 09:29 PM

Las Vegas--shouldn't this be a board?

I'm surprised Las Vegas doesn't have its own corner of Chowhound. anyway--here's my recent experience over New Years...

Kokomos at Mirage. Steaks looked good but were tasteless, fish was overcooked, dry and tough. Coffee was surprisingly good in the Euro style. Not a keeper.

Gallagher's steak house in New York New York. Steaks and prime rib were excellent. Stilton scalloped potatoes were a knock out. Don't order the coffee--haven't had coffee that bad since before United starting serving Starbucks.

Orchids Garden Dim Sum. Very good. We were surprised and pleased to find outselves almost the only occidentals in a large and very busy dim sum restaurant. We got there about 11am and the restaurant was half full. By 11:30 there was a waiting line. They serve in the "rolling carts" style which I like best.

Seafood Buffet at Rio. Still the best. Pigged out on about 4lbs of lobster. Rio is now giving you the option of taking a number and watching a board to tell you when to join the line. then the line lasts only about 20 minutes--much better crowd control model than the usual.

For seafood we did try Fremont Hotel but discovered the seafood buffet is served only on certain days--check with the hotel before going.

cheers. bb

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  1. i'm a fan of orchids - i go there with my girlfriend ( she's chinese...i'm a white guy ) it's her fav place for dim sum and we've been to them all - although it gets' praise from others, she felt cathay house was the worst - personally, i thought it was ok, but orchids and changs are a cut above.

    1. Appreciate the heads up on Kokomo's-makes it easier to talk others out of going there if I can say I saw a negative review.

      1. Vegas should definately have a board of its owm-there are so many places to enjoy and avoid in Vegas-
        Our last visit was in July-and we'll be heading back in a few weeks(on business)
        As mentioned on a previous post-
        Last trips favs were
        Mesa Grill-Caesars
        Joes-Forum shoppes
        Olives-Bellagio-terrace only-have the carpaccio
        also good Sushi Roku