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Jan 3, 2007 09:24 PM

Is it still a wasteland? International center area dining...

Afternoon all-
Will be in town for our annual trade show out at the International center-most nights we head downtown for dinner to do the slim pickings-but if the day goes long, it would be nice to stay a little closer-
I know of the regualr chains on the Airport/Dixon rd area-and the old school places like Topiary's etc..
So any tips for better food within about 10-15 minute drive?
Many thanks

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  1. Ummmmmmmmmm... Lone Star?

    The Landing Strip has a pretty good burger. Rumour has it, of course.

    1. drive up to bloor, by heading south on kipling or islington....should only take 15 minutes or so. Then head east on bloor......between kipling to islington to royal york you will have quite a selection, depends what you are in the mood for:

      burgers - apache (kipling and bloor) and magic spots (royal york and bloor.

      steakhouse - black angus (between islington and royal york)

      sushi - a few places

      thai - green mango

      spanish - barcelona

      italian - vibo

      waffles/crepes - demetres

      greek - magic spots/just greeks

      french - merlot

      pool hall/pubs - a bunch to pick from.

      It is a nice strip in the westend with lots to choose from!

      1. South on Airport Rd., near Hwy. 27 and the Toronto Congress Centre is a mall with the usual Swiss Chalet, etc. However, there is also a Sunny Dragon sushi/Japanese place that offers good, fresh food. Also nearby is Tony Roma's which has some good ribs.

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          Try Olio, the mediterranean grill at the (Mariott) Renaissance Toronto Airport hotel on Dixon Road (link to hotel below).

          Had a business dinner there a few months ago and it was recommended. I was skeptical at the idea of dinner at an airport hotel, but actually it turned out to be perfectly good and I'd recommend if you are looking for a dinner in that area that is steps up from the usual strip mall fare (Kelsey's, Swiss Chalet, etc.). It's highly appropriate for a business dinner too and guests will probably appreciate you even finding it given that there isn't a lot of selection out there. Wine list is not thrilling but respectable. I had the grilled fish and it was very nice.

        2. Thanks all-some good ideas there.

          1. Try wading through this post:

            Every time I have business associates staying near the airport, I try to steer the crowd to Via Allegro, which is less than 15 minutes south. It's quite expensive though.