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Jan 3, 2007 09:15 PM

Best Asian tea shops in Los Angeles?

We are relocating in the Spring to the Los Angeles area and when visiting, I often buy my tea at Wing Hop Fung. Since I am, for all intents and purposes, a good Asian tea addict, does anyone have suggestions for other cources of good quality teas? I'm not crazy about flavored (EU) type black teas and prefer good oolongs, pu-erhs, "red" and greens.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. I haven't found very many places in LA that compare to online orders...would you consider ordering online? I have found Teance to offer some extremely good oolongs; my current favorite is their Honey Dan Chong Oolong -- very sweet with a honey tone and dark color. I also like their Cold Summit Tung Ting Oolong.

    As I am sure you know, it is important to pay attention to their seasonal offerings. If you call them, they can advise you: in Berkeley at #510.524-1696. (I have found Alyce to be very knowlegeable and helpful, although she is on vacation for the next couple of weeks.)

    If you prefer an LA shop, I would suggest Le Palais des Thes in Beverly Hills at 401 N. Canon Drive (#310.271-7922).

    1. Have you been to the various Ten Rens in Los Angeles? They carry a lot of teas from Taiwan and China. Try the high mountain oolong from Taiwan; I've hooked many a friend on that particular type of tea, and Ten Ren's variety is fine.

      They have tons of really cheap teabags in boxes if you just want to try a lot of new things. I think I once bought a sale-priced grab bag for $7--five boxes of twenty bags each. Prices go up from there into the hundreds.

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        I don't like Ten Ren. You have to watch carefully as they weigh your tea, and the attitude is slimy. If you can be imperious in Chinese, you'll get better service.

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          Wow, years of giving as good as I get must have hardened me to their bad service. I usually go in, tell them what I want, close my ears to their yammering, and leave. But you're right, not exactly the experience a new customer wants.

      2. In the San Gabriel Valley, there is some stuff. My gf's grandfather gets his tea at TS Emporium, which is somewhere over there, and there is Wing Hop Fung (as you mentioned). You have to know what you're looking for, but they have an Ok selection.

        I really don't like either of the Ten Rens I've been to - expensive, pushy, and I haven't actually gotten any tea there, but they don't seem to have a great selection.

        It's been mentioned in some other threads on this forum, but check out Bamboo Tea Garden - they have one in Pasadena and one in Claremont. Not too bad.

        I like a lot of the same teas, and usually either get tea when I'm out of town or do mail order -- but I've purchased from the sources mentioned above as well.

        The Tea Gallery in NY, while a bit expensive, does mail order, and the owners are very knowledgable and nice (just visited there when I was home for vacation and bought some stuff - they will prepare tea for you so you can try stuff and so they can get an idea of what you like). I've purchased stuff from Yunnan Sourcing LLC (on Ebay) - this hasn't arrived yet. Also, haven't done business with him, but Stéfane (from does mail order and will send you a price list if you email him.

        1. These folks:

          seem to be local, and apparently can setup visits by appointment. Might be worth emailing them (I did).

          1. Imperial Tea Court in San Francisco is the best

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