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Jan 3, 2007 09:13 PM

Spicy and Tasty Dish Recs

Hey there-

Looking for recs for a large group dinner at Spicy and Tasty this coming Friday. No dish is too scary so suggest anything that you've enjoyed.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. was there new year's eve and had shrimp with black bean sauce--excellent....cold noodles with red chili sauce, and sauteed watercress--all good....anything with the turnip and spicy sauce is good, but the squid is best in it..the clams in black bean is good there......ask them to make you the eggplant with hot green pepper that they used to have on their old's fabulous.........

    1. Since I'm out of town and have nothing new to add, I'll take the lazy way out and give you three posts only a month old that might help:

      1. there was an older review of spicy and tasty in nytimes; pretty funny that it would be in the proper review section and not the $25 and under; maybe the first time a flushing restaurant is reviewed like that? in any case, get any of the dishes in "fresh hot pepper", or in chinese, basically, the term water-cooked; the lamb, the beef and pork renditions are all good (it's under szechuan specialties) the twice-cooked pork is of course good and just get a selection of the stuff near the front.

        1. I was also there on N.Y.E. (chowhound minds think alike...)

          Get the Enhanced Pork!! It bursts with tender, peppery, almost bacon-y goodness.

          A companion of mine enjoyed the fish filet/sour cabbage in the aforementioned fresh hot pepper. Several dishes involving flavorful pork kidneys were happily devoured.

          The sauteed watercress didn't taste terribly different from the garlickly greens I make at home, but if you must have your leafy greens, order them.

          If you are there with a more timid soul, get the lo mein, as S&T serves a borderline-transcendant version of the takeout stalwart.

          1. just went to spicy & tasty last night for the 1st time (after compiling a long list of favorite dishes from all of you), and had a really great time. the staff were extremely nice, which is something i don't often expect in manhattan's chinatown, and most importantly, the food was both spicy and tasty. i loved the cold bamboo appetizer, really great flavor packed into each bite, and a tofu dish with spicy minced pork was also amazing. i didn't see the ma pa tofu, so was happy that our choice was so good. dan dan noodles were very good, the little pieces of pork add great flavor, but will check out the cold noodle with chili next time. scallion fried rice and the potato with green peppers were our non-spicy dishes, and both were good, but not amazing. will definitely go back, and excited to try different dishes on the next trip.
            also stopped for "dessert" at this window on main st with single rolls of peking duck for 75 cents, a great way to end the night, and the duck was crispy and not too fatty, which is how i like it.

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              The Enhanced Pork is truly outstanding.

              1. re: Bob Martinez

                what's that like? made with fattier pork belly, or more meaty?

                1. re: audrita

                  The Enhanced Pork is made from pork belly it's noticeably less fatty than other pork belly dishes that I've had. (I'm thinking specifically about Szechuan Gourmet in Manhattan.) It's also sliced a bit thinner. The net result is that the flavor is a bit more delicate than regular pork belly while still retaining a nice spicy kick.