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Has anyone bought "Barefoot Contessa At Home"?

If you have, what do you think?

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  1. I just bought it. Haven't cooked from it yet, but I've had such success with all her others (easy tasty recipes with many that travel well) that I had to get this one too. Fipping through, some of the recipes that caught my eye - lots of quick soups, salads, and sandwiches like ribollita, Mexican tortilla soup, shrimp bisque, a delicious-looking Caesar club with pancetta on ciabatta, warm duck salad, and blue cheese coleslaw. Entrees like seafood gratin and lobster paella, lamb kebabs with couscous and pine nuts, and rib-eye steaks with cornmeal-fried onion rings. Sides include sauteed garlic and herb tomatoes, jalapeno cornbread, zucchini pancakes, and some mouthwatering maple baked beans with chinese chili paste and ginger. As always, lots of simple and easy recipes also. 17 dessert recipes including a coconut cake based on her famous cupcakes. Finally, a nice breakfast section with simple scones, danishes, soda bread, egg dishes etc.

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      Ooh... those maple baked beans sound fabulous! I've always had good luck with her recipes too and I have a $100 Barnes & Noble g.c. burning a hole in my pocket! :-)

    2. Got it for xmas (signed !!!! My sis met her !!)
      Made the green goddess dressing which was very good as a dip and over salad.

      Overall, the cookbook is basic, but I like the way it reads.... seeing I am from both NYC and the Hamptons there are lots of references to places and foods familiar to me.

      1. Someone gave me her brownie mix as a gift - I'm anxious to try it.

        1. I got it for Christmas and while I haven't made anything from it yet, most of the recipes sound really good. I've had a lot of luck with her other books and this one really does contain a bunch of recipes I'd make on a weekly basis. I actually started making a list of all the ones I wanted to try and by the time I filled both side of a piece of paper my husband laughed and told me I should have just written "try the whole book."

          One thing I did notice that a lot of the recipes seem more suited to spring and summer, which is disheartening since we're just getting into the dead of winter here in the Northeast.

          1. I've looked through it and am not inspired, although I do like some of her other recipes. If other hounds rave about it, I'll take another look.

            1. I took this out of the library, read through it, and don't intend to buy. I like her style, but well, I don't think there's alot there to warrant a purchase -- her cookbooks are more in the nature of personal notebooks than recipes I could turn to on the spur of the moment or regularly. There are others in this vein -- Martha Stewart springs to mind. I do like her coleslaw recipe in the barefoot contessa cookbook.
              I think Susan Spungen's Recipes is better.

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                Before she was really big, she did write a column for Martha's magazine. But I feel the same way you do -- I don't see enough in this new cookbook to warrant a purchase. I do like her first two cookbooks, but this one seems a lot more basic.

              2. I have it. Looked through it again last night and then went to a different cookbook of hers/silver palate and made curried butternut squash soup with apples today. AT HOME does seem more like a spring/summer book. It didn't seem to have much that inspired me for winter. I am in Los Angeles (where it is warm and sunny)and am cooking up a storm this week-- soups, a few things from the Lucques cookbook, even the Barefoot Contessa vegetable pot pie but nothing from At Home yet. But, the Beatty's chocolate cake recipe is very similar to an incredbile cake I made on Christmas for my husband's birthday.

                I am hoping to get more inspired by it later. I find that sometimes cookbooks, which I read instead of real books since I have small kids and can't seem to concentrate on more than one recipe at a time, don't inspire me and then when I go back to them, I find a lot more appealing recipes.

                1. I found this old thread trying to find feedback about the "Easy Cheese Danishes" from this book.

                  My sister bought me this for my birthday last February, and I've enjoyed it. It's really good for entertaining, I've found. I made a huge bridal shower almost entirely out of this book. I also did an Oscar party with it. And tonight I made the danishes for breakfast when my boyfriend's mom comes to visit tomorrow morning. I'm baking them off tomorrow, so we'll see, but of course I tasted the filling, and it's delicious.

                  The roasted red pepper sandwiches are really delightful, as is the dressing on the those chicken pancetta clubs. I made the green goddess dressing all summer long for friends who kept coming over and wanting to have impromptu cocktails. It was nice to have with potato chips and raw veggies. I'm hoping to try some more of the entrees.

                  1. I haven't bought this book yet, but I did make the Shrimp Bisque (and her seafood stock from the Paris book) for Valentine's Day after seeing it on her show. Excellent recipes for both, my fiance was very impressed - he kept saying, "wow, I'd expect to get this in a restaurant - It's really good" and he even did the dishes.

                    1. I don't have this cookbook.... but I am recognizing all of the recipes mentioned in these posts, because they are readily available on foodnetwork.com You might look through that website after a search for Ina Garten's name, and see if you like the looks of her recipes and if it would be worth it to purchase the book, rather than just go online to get them.

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                        My husband and I have made several recipes from the Barefoot Contessa book and the food tv recipes available online. They are not particularly interesting or innovative but are always delicious. We particularly liked a chicken breast coated with parmesan and breadcrumbs and a chocolate cake. These are very reliable, straightforward recipes that are usually crowd-pleasers.

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                          I wish she would do more dinner entree type recipes. The few that she does have, such as roasted chicken over croutons, are delicious. It seems like a disproportionate number of her recipes are "deli style" cold salads like chicken salad or chinese noodle salad, soups, sandwhiches, and baked goods like scones or muffins. Probably the type of things she sold at her Barefoot Contessa gourmet store.