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Jan 3, 2007 09:05 PM

Special Dinner with Roommate

Hi All,

My roommate and I decided that instead of buying each other gifts for the holiday, we would treat ourselves to a nice dinner, so we are looking for suggestions.

We live in the east village so would prefer something in that area (EV, LES, SoHo).

Unfortunatley, we spend pretty much our entire salaries on rent, so while we want to "splurge" on a nice dinner, we aren't looking to pay as much as we wish we could : ) We were thinking of entrees in the $20 range. However, I was also thinking about doing an Omasake somewhere (I've always wanted to do that and we both love Sushi). Is it possible to do that for maybe $50 max? (when i usually read about these things, the price tag is about $100)

Thanks so much for any and all suggestions!

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  1. although it is an outer boroughs suggestion, the omakase at taro in park slope is fantastic and a steal at $35 I believe. Sit at the bar, where it will come piece by piece and you'll have much more back-and-forth with the chef, as opposed to at a table, where you will just get a platter full of fish (albeit a very good one).

    1. I highly recommend Tides, the teensy fish/seafood "shack" on the LES. The food's delicious, and the minimalist decor has an elegance about it. (The ceiling is truly unique!) The owner, Stephen, is one of the nicest guys around and goes out of his way to make sure diners have a great experience.

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        great suggestion -- it fits the OP's criteria perfectly...

      2. The $57 prix fixe lunch at Le Bernardin is really special. I know; wrong part of town, not dinner and more money than you wanted to spend. Still, you might want to consider a four-star splurge at very reasonable prices.

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          Along these lines, the lunch tasting menus at Bouley are also amazing. I believe one is about $40 and the other about $50.

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            Ditto Jean-George for lunch. $24 for 2 plates.

          2. I believe that Jewel Bako (5th St btwn 2nd and 3rd) has a very reasonably-priced (~$50) omakase. I was checking out their menu after eating at Degustation next door (awesome, btw) and remember thinking "hey, I might actually be able to afford that omakase!"

            Report back, please, if you do go!

            1. Never myself been, but have heard great things about Cube 63 on the LES and it has an omakase that starts at $30 per person...