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Who else uses a FoodSaver?

I used to use a FoodSaver while growing up, and just purchased a new one at Linens & Thing using a 20%off coupon. http://www.foodsaver.com/ProductDetai...

Have had this problem with the first machine, took that back, and now have it with the second:

The first vacuum and the first one only goes fine.

All after that, a good vacuum doesn't happen. A lot of air is still left in each bag. Last night I tried it on leftover homemade fried chicken after it had cooled down.

Does anyone else w/ lots of experience on Foodsavers who could shed some light?

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  1. No help, but same problem... plus poor sealing. I think this is a case where it's inexpensive because it's cheap.

    1. Wow. After reading all the **highly positive** Amazon.com reviews on this, I was certain it had to be something I was doing wrong.

      Usually if I see a problem someone else has also and the Amazon.com user reviews will detail it.

      It's amazing to have such a huge failure after just *one* usage across *2* different machines. I've read that it could be because the tubes are clogged, etc., but I haven't used it enough to do that, and I've used it only with dry foods!

      1. I got one right after Christmas on clearance at Best Buy. It is the V2460 model. I love it. I picked up cannisters at BB&B today with a coupon. They came to $16+ change with the 20% off. They work well.

        Could it be that you are not using a big enough bag and not getting the bag opening down into the trough for drips? That is also where it vacuums out the air and the open end really needs to be down inthere. I know the bags are not cheap but they can be reused.

        1. I've had mine for a couple of years and use it constantly with the bags and cannisters. I love it. The only time I've had this problem is, as you mentioned, if I've clogged the tubes. I've let it dry out, and then it works fine - but you've only used it on dry foods. I'd say return it for a new one, but you've already done that. Are the edges cut straight and fully sitting in the well? I have the older model, the Vac 800, but had been looking at the newer ones because of the various sealing options. Hmmm, I'd be interested if anyone else has this problem.

          1. Are the bags fully sealed on the other end?

            Note: This only affects the bulk rolled material where you must "pre-seal" the one end, for the other end to accept a full vacuum draw down.


            The rest would be back to the basics making sure the bag gets properly positioned in the vacuum trough and holding down the lid firmly. Make sure the seal ring has a bit of moisture and is free from debris.

            If the bag is not decently level with the sealer you may need to elevate or adjust accordingly between the sealer and the bag.

            If the FS is really important to you, seek out someone with the experience that can work with you hands on. It is a machine and those FS can really be fussy at times. Another person may help in finding some technique that can lead you to some proficency.

            1. I'm using the pre-sealed on one end smaller bags for single-serving savings.

              I'll try again tonight after dinner.

              It works for a couple seconds / removes a very small amount of air, then it just stops and seals it.

              1. Sounds like the FS is sealing the bag prematurely. Sometimes if you have too much "bag" between food and seal element, a vacuum seal is formed in that area before all the air in the bag is evacuated. The FS then heat-seals the bag. If you see that happening, stop right away to stop the heating element.

                Have you tried pressing down on the bottom of the bag where there's no chicken while FS is evacuating? I'm also assuming this is a new bag and there isn't grease or moisture at the top of the bag where you're putting it in the vacuum trough? Those are also problems that can lead to premature bag sealing.

                1. I've had mine 2 years and what you described happened once. I flipped the bag over and voila the sucker sucked like a pro. All the air gone and a perfect seal.

                  Make sure you have the edge of the bag is inside that indent and make sure the oval seal on the cover is fully in place.

                  good luck

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                    I do the bag flipping trick and sometimes it works. There is no rhyme or reason.

                  2. I mentioned this to my DH and my speculation that you are not using big enough bags. He agreed. He had trouble until I showed him what was really needed.

                    1. I just got one last month ($129 at Costco, included 3 canisters and 2 rolls of cut and seal bags) and have had it work perfectly. The directions say to leave about 3 inches of empty bag at the top, are you doing that?

                      1. I have had that problem when sealing lumpy things. I find that if I position the foods snug against each other, the vacuum works perfectly. If there is a lot of space in between each piece of chicken, for instance, the air is not sucked out properly and releases all together. I agree with Candy too, have to leave a lot of room at the top of the bag. Be generous when cutting the bag. Now about that dumb bag dispenser- cutter... Grrr...

                        1. Mochi mochi, maybe that was the problem!

                          After putting it up for 48 hours it's worked well since.

                          I can't tell what I'm doing differently, but at least it's working.

                          Below, check out some baby back ribs bbq'd on my Big Green Egg
                          and vacu-packed with the FoodSaver.


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                            OMG, that looks so good. *drools* It wouldn't have lasted too long in the vacuum pack in this house.