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Jan 3, 2007 08:17 PM

Serious chocolate desserts in Seattle

Help me! I'm craving a serious chocolate dessert, preferably something oozing and much too decadent to finish, like lava cake or a terrine. Truffles are ok, but I really want something I can eat with a fork or spoon. Thanks!

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  1. Tango, get "El Diablo"

    1. Chocolate chaud at Le Pichet is an incredible chocolate drink you'll eat with a spoon!

      1. Vessel, chocolate mousse napoleon
        Union, chocolate terrine

        1. Simply Desert in Fremont has unbeleivable chocolate cake by the slice. It's the kind of moist chocolatey cake that you could jam against a wall and it wouldn't fall for months. But I'm partial to more traditional cakes than flourless decadent ones.

          1. A second for "El Diablo" at Tango. The combination of chocolate and red chile is amazing. Highly recommended.