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Serious chocolate desserts in Seattle

Help me! I'm craving a serious chocolate dessert, preferably something oozing and much too decadent to finish, like lava cake or a terrine. Truffles are ok, but I really want something I can eat with a fork or spoon. Thanks!

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  1. Tango, get "El Diablo"

    1. Chocolate chaud at Le Pichet is an incredible chocolate drink you'll eat with a spoon!

      1. Vessel, chocolate mousse napoleon
        Union, chocolate terrine

        1. Simply Desert in Fremont has unbeleivable chocolate cake by the slice. It's the kind of moist chocolatey cake that you could jam against a wall and it wouldn't fall for months. But I'm partial to more traditional cakes than flourless decadent ones.

          1. A second for "El Diablo" at Tango. The combination of chocolate and red chile is amazing. Highly recommended.

            1. A third for "El Diablo" at Tango, it is outstanding!!

              1. Just chiming in on the El Diablo love. Simply a magnificent combination of flavors and textures.

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                  Also writing in support of El Diablo at Tango, and strongly seconding the Chocolat Chaud at Le Pichet.

                2. May not be what you are craving, but the chocolate sorbet at Nell's is so good you'd swear it was gelato. They use Valhrona dark chocolate, yummy.

                  1. Chocolate Terrine @ Dinette on Olive Way.....and yeah, the Diablo is amazing, but since it's the only amazing thing to be had there, it's hardly worth the hassle. Although, calling ahead and ordering it to-go means you won't have to fight for parking and endure terrible service.

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                      I've always enjoyed the food, cocktails,and wine at Tango.