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Jan 3, 2007 08:07 PM

What meals are you preparing after all the Christmas festivities?

I have a hard time being inspired after eating so much wonderful food during the Christmas holidays. It is time however, to slow down and be more careful about what we eat. What is everyone preparing this week to eat more healthy but also tasty meals this week?

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  1. green veg at every dinner, although I try to do that anyway...

    Jan 1, the Batali Sicilain Lifeguard Calamari (easy to Google - delicious if you like spicy red sacue and super easy if you have access to frozen raw calamari rings) over Israeli couscous with a side of spinach wilted with garlic

    Jan 2, tofu/baby bok choy/shitake braise

    Jan 3, wild salmon in a black bean-ginger sauce with thai basil and tons of spinach, over fried Hong Kong noodles

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      Very similar to ours! I ODed on puff pastry and roasts at Christmas.

      Dec 30: sushi

      Dec 31: Thai green curry with seitan

      Jan 1: chicken yakitori (brought to NYE party), Vietnamese-style cold noodle (for long life) salad with red peppers, mint, and bean sprouts

      Jan 2: gigli with leeks, shitakes, olive oil, and a little pecorino romano

    2. The DF's favorite thing to say after seeing our families and eating like we're about to be stranded in the desert is:

      "time for a gallon of water and a head of lettuce."

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      1. re: julietg

        After a time of excess, my mother, may she rest in peace, always said, "Just give me beaten eggwhite on a lettuce leaf, please."

        1. re: cristina

          My husband likes to say, "how about a bowl of steam."

      2. Whole-wheat penne with tomatoes, red pepper flakes, kalamata olives, tons of shaved parmesan

        Tuna melts

        Whole-wheat penne with artichokes, olives and feta

        tonight: tortilla espanola, grapes rolled in blue cheese and walnuts

        1. We're still eating holiday foods and will be for at least this week. Yesterday was mushroom risotto and pumpkin with yogurt-garlic sauce. Tonight is lobster fra diavolo and wilted spinach salad. Tomorrow will be leg of lamb. Friday is leftover paella. I also have the makings of dan-dan noodles which we will eat some time this week. We'll have salad and vegetables which we eat just about every day.

          1. spring rolls with carrot, scallion, snowpeas, rice noodles, cilantro and mint with a peanut-hoisin sauce.

            vegetable fried rice with ginger, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, onions and scallions.

            potato and pinto bean enchiladas

            and tonight, fresh asparagus soup and garlic-encrusted baguette.