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Jan 3, 2007 08:06 PM

Amazing Italian bakeries?

I'm looking for opinions on the best Italian bakeries in L.A. (specifically, one who can create a traditional Italian wedding cake-Millefoglie) The couple getting married (for whom I am searching for this cake..) experienced this most amazing cake at a wedding in Italy a few years back and are hoping to recreate it here in L.A. for their big day. I have never had this cake before, nor am I familiar with many Italian bakeries- so I am relying on fellow chowhounders to steer me in the right direction. Any help would be much appreciated! Many thanks!

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  1. A couple of good choices for you are Eagle Rock Italian Bakery in Eagle Rock and Nicolosi in Encino.

    1. I second the Italian Bakery in Eagle Rock. At least go by and taste.

      1. Try Mosimo's in Mar Vista/Marina del Rey... corner of Washington and Redwood - located in back of the building... Mosimo is from Rome - great cookies, pastries, cakes, etc. Also some fantastic gelatos... I think he also has a shop in Venice - on Pacific between Washington and Venice.. Don't know if he has ever had this cake in his bakery's cases but it wouldn't hurt to ask... good luck!

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          I also love his Brownie... Yummm... Can't wait to see what they do with the bigger space...


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              Um, she's talking about a brownie (you know, the fudgey chocolate cakey thing) that came from Mossimo's in Mar Vista.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                Thanks... yes, I am talking about Mossimo's own brownie... :)


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                  I thought you were talking about a bakery or store called Brownie. Pardon me.

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              Kind of continuing to get off the Italian bakery subject and on with the brownies - I have tried a great brownie at World Gourmet Market, 1800A Abbot Kinney. Used to be called Malcolm's Munchies but now I think it's called Gourmand - sitting in a basket by the check-in counter. Firm and slightly crisp on the outside; moist, chocolate-rich and dense on the inside. Three flavors - Espresso Dark Chocolate, EDC with walnuts, and EDC with white chocolate. Some of the best I've personally tried. Only problem is the supply is somewhat inconsistant and limited, but worth seeking out if you really like brownies. Perfect with a cup of joe or tea, or everyone's old standard - cold milk! The market itself stocks alot of items that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere - they alone are worth the trip.

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                Ack!! Another wonderful thing for me to try at Market Gourmet... although I admit, I usually don't get past their cheese selection... LOL!! :)


                1. re: Dommy

                  Check out their freezer section as well if you like frozen desserts... For such a small place, the selection there is awesome! Lauren, the owner, does a really good job staying on top of what's good and what's new - always an adventure for foodies!

          1. I've rarely been disappointed with their goods... if you like chocolate, try their chocolate tortes - usually have it by the slice... they used to also have a chocolate hazelnut torte but haven't seen it for a while... ditto on the anticipated new space out front!

            1. Susina has an amazing Italian wedding cake but the name is different.

              Is this it? Click on image #4.