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Jan 3, 2007 08:04 PM

Anyone attend a good large group holiday dinner venue this year? I need to reserve someplace for next year.

As the title says I'm interested in looking for a new place to try for our office holiday party. We usually stick to lower Manhattan. We have done Tribeca Grill the past few years and it has been ok, but I'm looking for a change for next year. We'll have around 90 people i would expect. Anyone go anywhere great this year?

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  1. Churrascaria Plataforma can be really fun for large groups. They have one in Tribeca. My husband's company had their holiday dinner there 2 years ago and they all enjoyed.

    1. Our holiday party was at 230 Fifth ( ) and it was UNBELIEVABLY fun. Everyone raved about the food, which has a Malaysian theme, but the real raves were for the space. Glorious views of the Empire State Building and a roof deck amply stocked with red fleece robes for those who had checked their coats. Our party was much larger than 90, but I believe they accomodate smaller parties, and they have a second smaller room that I thought was very lovely also with it's own separate roof access to the main club.

      1. I went to a great holiday party at River Cafe in Brooklyn. You can rent out that side room with its beautiful views of Manhattan. Food was a 3-course prix-fixe. Soup/Mains were all crowd pleasers, but I've never had a good dessert there.