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Jan 3, 2007 08:01 PM

BBQ beef rib question I should have asked 18 yrs ago

18 yrs ago, I moved from LA to SF, and have never found any BBQ beef ribs to equal those at the little deli at the bottom of Bunker Hills Towers. When we went back there a couple of years ago, the deli had become just a grocery, with no ribs in sight. By chance, would any hounds know who made those ribs, or how, and where they can be found now? TIA!

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  1. Thats Dales Market. They still make chicken but i don't think i've seen ribs there for a while. I work across the street at Water & Power bldg. I Think the BEST Beef ribs are from PHILIPS BBQ on Crenshaw & Adams right where leos Bbq used to be. The Ribs are BIG, MEATY Get it with the mixed sauce. yeah I agree though The Bay Area is LACKING of Decent BBQ. I'm in Fremont every 2 weeks and i have yet to taste decent BBQ.....

    1. The hands-down best beef ribs in town are at Dr. Hogly Wogly's. I know BBQ lovers here are sometimes bitterly divided over the quality of some of the other dishes served there, but I have never seen anyone disappointed with an order of the Doctor's beef ribs. Enormous, meaty, fall-off-the-bone, and simply some of the best-tasting meat on the planet. (FWIW, I had some guests in from Europe who were absolutely floored by the ribs, and said it was the most satisfying meal they'd had while traveling around the U.S.)

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        It's not a place you take a vegetarian, they'd be horrified. The beef ribs are so big they look like they came off a dinosaur.

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          I'll second this. I go there just for the beef ribs and I drive some distance for them, too. I like the slaw, too, even though it's a bit unorthodox (raisins). Hot rolls filled with butter, fresh lemonade...hmmm..I may need a fix of this soon...

        2. Porky's BBQ on Manchester in Inglewood has the tastiest beef ribs I have ever had. Beef ribs are typically so fat laden that I have a hard time ordering them, but the beef ribs at Porky's are meaty, seasoned and succulent. I can't say enough about them!

          1. Hey - thanks for all these tips, which I'll try out the next time I'm in LA.

            BTW: For all the press that the high-end SF restaurants get, I've had some amazing food in low-to-midrange LA spots; I think LA is generally underrated, IMO.

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              Agree re L.A. being underrated - especially the low-midrange spots.. that seems to be where the most beautiful food is here. One could really eat very inexpensively here, what with the good low-end restaurants and an amazing array of very inexpensive ethnic markets, augmented by an occasional foray to the 99 Cents Only store.

            2. Phillip's for the greatest southern inspired beef ribs with an exceptional sauce that is almost a force of nature, great stuff through through.

              Bandera's for beef back short ribs with a sweet sauce, but still ultra-delicious. and fancy, and of course very expensive compared to a rib joint.