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Jan 3, 2007 07:31 PM

Substitute for Chopped Citron

A recipe for Julekake calls for chopped Citron--not easy to come by in Alabama. Anyone know of any substitutes?


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  1. You could use any candied fruit peel, like lemons or oranges or even grapefruit. Still not always easy to find. King Arthur's Baker's catalog sells some really nice, unsulphured candied citron and orange and lemon peel, but it is neither immediate or cheap as going to the store.

    1. If you can't find candied fruit, then I would substitute good quality dried fruit plumped in a small amount of warm sugar syrup. It's not going to taste the same, but you might come upon a variation you'd like just as well. Maybe start with golden raisins or apricots, as they're relatively mild?

      1. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I may have to try to the sugar syrup if my trip to Bham tomorrow does not go as planned.

        1. You can get citron at Don't bother to pay for overnight shipping because it will arrive overnight anyway.

          1. Hoping this is still an ongoing blog.....I am making some holiday "citron"....I am using watermelon rind. Follow directions for watermelon rind pickles. Cut into small cubes. Soak overnight, cook til transparent, then prepare a syrup without the spices, simmer and let cool. Follow a good recipe for candied fruit. Make a candied fruit to put away til needed. Color with food dye.

            Hard to find citron in AL? Gracious! Our stores in Seattle are already stocking prepared citrons, pineapple, cherries. A bit more pricey than in years past, which is why I'm making some with watermelon rind along with pickles....lightly spiced unlike the overly spiced commercial stuff that I can't eat.

            Jackie in Seattle