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(Corpus Christi) Ray's Restaurant

raj1 Jan 3, 2007 07:24 PM

Does anyone remember Ray's Restaurant in Corpus Christi. I know there were at least two--one near Six Points and one in a shopping center on Staples. Rays #1 and Rays #2. My family used to go there when I was a kid and I always loved it.

There was one dish I remember but can't quite pull together in my mind. I think it was called "envueltos". It consisted of something like beef tips wrapped in a flour tortilla and covered with some sort of enchilada sauce. Am I remembering this correctly?

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    Antonio Montana RE: raj1 Jan 19, 2007 01:03 AM

    not sure about the specific dish you're talking about, but i do remember ray's. i used to eat there with my mom all the time when i was a kid. last time i was in corpus, i saw they were closed down. what you described sounds like a burrito covered with enchilada sauce, similar to the one found at Taqueria Jalisco

    1. r
      raj1 RE: raj1 Jan 25, 2007 12:20 PM

      Thanks, Antonio. These weren't burritos. They were small flour tortillas filled with beef cubes in sauce and rolled like enchiladas. The filling wasn't carne guisada, because I used to order that too and it was very different.

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