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Jan 3, 2007 07:24 PM

(Corpus Christi) Ray's Restaurant

Does anyone remember Ray's Restaurant in Corpus Christi. I know there were at least two--one near Six Points and one in a shopping center on Staples. Rays #1 and Rays #2. My family used to go there when I was a kid and I always loved it.

There was one dish I remember but can't quite pull together in my mind. I think it was called "envueltos". It consisted of something like beef tips wrapped in a flour tortilla and covered with some sort of enchilada sauce. Am I remembering this correctly?

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  1. not sure about the specific dish you're talking about, but i do remember ray's. i used to eat there with my mom all the time when i was a kid. last time i was in corpus, i saw they were closed down. what you described sounds like a burrito covered with enchilada sauce, similar to the one found at Taqueria Jalisco

    1. Thanks, Antonio. These weren't burritos. They were small flour tortillas filled with beef cubes in sauce and rolled like enchiladas. The filling wasn't carne guisada, because I used to order that too and it was very different.

      1. I loved eating there I wish I could get the recipe for Rays special tacos they were awesome can't get anything like them anymore.