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New England Style Buns

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Anyone know if these are available anywhere in Toronto? They're the buns that are split halfway down the middle, soft and typically used for Lobster Rolls. I'm pretty sure they're called New England style. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Top split hotdog buns: I got them once a couple years ago at the Victoria Park Loblaws. I beleive they were from Wonderbread. I haven't seen them in a while.

    1. Thanks, That's them, and a more descriptive name. I always keep an eye out for them in grocery stores but haven't seen them in years either.

      1. Here in the maritimes they are a staple of the bread isle. The Superstore (which would be Lablaw's in TO) always has them.

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          Actually, we have the Superstore here in Toronto, too. As well as Loblaw's. The Superstore's are just bigger locations.

        2. There is the Wonderbread / Weston outlet at Logan and Eastern Avenue. If you're in this area they might be able to help you out.

          Oh, just googled and apparently more than one outlet.

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            That's a great website. Thanks for the tip.

          2. I was looking for them at the Superstore last week...no luck. I had to eat my lobster salad on mini brioche instead......

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              Ok, emq. I get that the top-split Wonderbread buns are different from side-split, but isn't the 'split' location the only difference? Why did you get a completely different bun type, if you're really looking for Wonderbread? In the distant past, we have definitely had top-split buns for sale from some company here in Toronto. I guess it just didn't catch on. Ahhhh....regional culture.

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                In Montreal, top-split buns were all you could get when I was growing up. They came is a sort of loaf, and each bun had to be pulled apart from the one adjoining it. These are the hot dog buns of steame (Quebec steamies) fame. They're also great because, since there's no crust on the sides, they can be grilled, griddled or toasted on the OUTSIDE.

                I don't recall seeing them in Toronto recently, but they're still going strong in Quebec.

                jamesm, the Ontario/Quebec border is only about 4 hours away, surely worth the drive for these superior hot dog buns. Tack on another hour, and have a great meal in Montreal.