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Jan 3, 2007 06:57 PM

Indian Chinese in Edmonton

Masala Wok on 34th Ave is finally open. I went in to check it out the other day. The room is really nice - Chinese decor, Indian soundtrack and clientele. The menu looks fantastic with lots of Indian-Chinese classic flavours like ginger, chili, Manchurian sauce and hot garlic sauce. However, not everything on the menu was available (maybe two thirds of it), due to staff shortages. For the same reason, they are open limited hours. I tried the recommended Manchurian fried rice and a ginger fish dish. The rice was pretty good, fish not so. I really hope this place succeeds because it would be such a great place if it can clear up staffing problems and execute the menu well, but the first visit was disappointing. Would try again, but not soon.

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  1. I haven't had Indian Chinese before - is it similar to Malaysian at all?

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      I believe it's Chinese food cooked by East Indians as they would have done back in India.

      When I was working in Silicon Valley, there was an extremely successful Indian Chinese place that I wanted to try. My Chinese friend told me to avoid it, asking me if I wanted to try his Indian cooking.

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        Hi anonymoose, its origin is food made in India by ethnic Chinese, and generally speaking is based on Indian ingredients and Chinese cooking methods. (I've had really good Indian Chinese in Surrey.) The food is much more Indian than Chinese and is usually very hot. Less regionally varied than Malaysian, and less seafood.

      2. Hi there. Ex-Calgarian here, now living in Toronto.

        In Toronto, this type of cooking is commonly referred to as Hakka, and as pepper_mil noted, it is food made by the Chinese (mostly Hakka) who moved to India. If you are interested in this type of food, go to the Toronto discussion board and search under Hakka to get a sense of what to order and/or what restaurants to go to in the event you are in Toronto.

        Glad to hear that this style of cooking is making its way to Alberta. Must try this place the next time I'm in Edmonton!