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Jan 3, 2007 06:53 PM

Wedding In Vegas

I'm trying to plan my friend's wedding in Las Vegas and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for good restaurants with private rooms that would hold around 65. The bride and groom love fish, but all types of food are welcomed.

I want it to be as classy as possible, but we are on a ideally, $30-45 per person would be the range.

The place would have to serve alcohol as well, but we would be open to bringing our own for a low corkage fee.


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  1. To be honest, you are going to be hard pressed to do dinner on the strip for that price. A couple of suggestions are: Cili...this is a very pretty, upscale place on the Bali Hai golf course on the strip South of the Mandalay Bay. They no longer serve dinner, but only do events. The space is terrific, the food is very good, and it has patios with outside access. We did a dinner for about 30 there with good success. You might also consider Todd's in Henderson; I think with that size crowd you would have to take the whole restaurant, but it's very nice, good food and more moderately priced, and they will do corkage. Other possibilities might include Cafe Ba Ba could do a really fun tapas type reception, and I believe they have private rooms. The food is very good and Lettuce Entertain You, the corporate parent, does a good job with group events.
    We also thought Boa steakhouse in the Forum Shops was a very nice place with spaces for private groups, but it might be outside what your friend would like to spend. If there is an option for a breakfast or a lunch, I'd think about trying to do Bouchon, for a champagne brunch, which might be very pretty and elegant....

    1. I was married in Vegas a few years back.

      Are you set on dinner? Going with dinner vs. lunch will blow your budget.

      We had our pre-wedding dinner/cocktail party the night before at the Brewpub at Monte Carlo. They have a great area upstairs that's private, but still has access and a view of the main pub downstairs. We had a nosh type buffet with lots of hot and cold goodies, plus a prime rib station. We went with open bar as well. I think it was about $40pp from what I recall.

      We had our wedding dinner at Andres, but that's not in your budget.

      Try Mon Ami Gabi at The Paris. They do larger groups too.

      I hope the admins don't delete this, but Ultimate Weddings (do a search for the site) is a great resource for wedding planning. There is a whole forum there dedicated Las Vegas weddings, with lots of helpful brides to be. You can get a lot of advice there, and there is a list of resources that will help you plan.

      Good luck!

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        Hi Folks, the value of Chowhound is as a data trove of dining tips, discussion of topics that are indirectly related to dining, such as wedding planning, are out of scope for our forum.

        Please do continue to discuss venues that offer dining and event options, but take all of the non-chow discussion to a more appropriate forum.


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        1. In your budget you could try Magainnos-they are great with groups-Mon ami Gabi may be help to work something out too-
          Good luck!