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Jan 3, 2007 06:45 PM

If I love places like Thai Sky and Rice Thai in Park Slope will I hate Sripraphai?

I'm not so much of a Thai aficionado, but I am a sushi aficionado. I can tell the difference between "real" sushi and "Americanized" sushi, and I sometimes appreciate both, but for the most part I stick with the "real" sushi. I am not sure if I would be able to make this distinction for Thai food as well.

Thai Sky is my favorite Thai place thus far with Rice Thai Kitchen a close second. I hear these are as Americanized as about every Chinese restaurant on every street corner. I am still shocked to hear this, but I have nothing to compare to. If I love these restaurants, will I love Sripraphai, which I hear is by "leaps and bounds" the best thai in all of New York, absolutely hate it or is "real" Thai just so different from "Americanized" Thai that it's like two equally good, yet totally different meals?

And P.S. I hate most Pad Thai... it's like the California roll of Thai food and is usually thrown together terribly and quickly because Americans can't distinguish between good and bad Thai.

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  1. Of course there's no telling in advance whether you personally will like or dislike something. You should give Sri a chance, at least for curiosity's sake. Most people here love it.

    1. Sriprahai bears as superficial a resemblance to typical American Thai as is possible.
      I would forget that it's Thai and any preconceived notion you might have qabout what Thai is and just try it as "this cool restaurant I want to check out."

      PS: Their Pad Thai isn't a strength or recommended dish.

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        I don't mean superficially like "Wow, I ate REAL Thai food! How exciting!". I mean like, I enjoy spicy and making my sinuses cave in would be a fun experience. I meant in the sense that it is so different from what I am used to or super unusual like the pig organ stew someone mentioned was awful that I can't know if it's some cool restaurant I want to check out. I usually have some preconceived notion of what the food should be... here, it may be so rare to find a "real" Thai place that I can't know what to expect. I'm not afraid to try it, but I am afraid to bring my parents there as they don't like terribly strange dishes or killer spicy dishes (I already know there was a "non-spicy food at Sriprahai" thread.) My dad is already turned off by the mention of certain dishes that are, in his opinion, "too authentic" for him.

        1. re: hamstrman

          I don't think the menu is too far "out there." They have quite a few typical-sounding things, and just prepare them a little differently...
          Maybe leave the parents at home for this one. FWIW, after eating there the first time I brought home the Sri analog of what most places call "Rad Nar" (noodles with beef & CHinese broccoli in brown sauce.) for my wife. It was unlike what we were used to from neighborhood Thai and she didn't like it.

          1. re: dude

            you know your parents best. There is a lot of really delicious food there. Something like the fried watercress salad or soft shell crab salad will really perk up your tastebuds. Ive never ordered these things with reduced heat, so I dont know how it would work. There is just a lot going on flavorwise with these dishes (working the hot sour sweet spicy thing in a major way). Some of the best food Ive ever enjoyed. Dishes like the noodles with pork and basil and the mussaman curry are likely to seem more familiar for a first visit.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Oh thanks! My parents LOVE mussaman curry!

              1. re: hamstrman

                The fact that your parents love curries is a plus - they will probably enjoy Sripraphai. My SO is not very heat tolerant so he usually orders his food mild or medium spicy. I found their panang curry is still good when prepared less spicy. We also had their whole dish (from specials menu) and it was very good even with reduced heat.

      2. What could you possibly have to lose? Be a Hound, and take a chance. Have a gander at the menu:

        1. I haven't been to Sripraphai, but I have been to Thailand and I didn't eat anything there that seemed radically different from Thai food in the states, so I'm sure you'll like it.