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where to get a case of wine around philly...

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i'm having a birthday party and wanted to get a case of wine, though i'm not sure where to go. i'm guessing nj is the best option, owing to discounts on cases, but that still leaves me wondering where is best. anyone have suggestions?

also- any ideas on what kind of white wines to get? i'm a poor student, so cost is an issue...

thanks in advance!

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  1. Go to Moore Brothers in Pennsauken - just across the Ben Franklin Bridge.


    1. Yes, I think they always have a discounted case of a selection of whites or reds, that they give a percent of each sale to charity. Thanks.

      1. Canal's has multiple South Jersey locations, a good selection at all price ranges, and offers case discounts. Moore Bros. will make recommendations based upon your menu; you may not get that level of service from Canal's.

        1. If cost is an issue, Moore Bros. is not the place to go. They have lots of great wine, but none of it is cheap. If I need a case of a specific wine, I usually go to Total Wine, they have a store in Cherry Hill and one just over the PA/DE border in Delaware, so you don't pay sales tax. You can get the addresses at www.totalwine.com . They give a 5% discount on cases. The employees there are not as well-versed as the people at Moore Bros., but they are much, much better than the average PA state store worker, they can certainly help you find a good case for your money. There are quite a few good bottles of Pinot Grigio for not much money, and it's palatable to a wide variety of people, which makes it good for parties. Gruner-Veltliner is pretty popular these days too.

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            I think Moore Bros. offers a GREAT selection of reasonably priced wines. For $15/bottle you can do VERY well for a party.

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              Hmm, I wrote a reply last night and it seems to have been deleted. Anyway, when the original poster wrote 'poor student, cost is an issue', I was thinking more like $6 or $7 a bottle, not $10 or $15. I like Moore Bros. and all, but they don't usually have what I would consider 'bargain' wines. Of course, that's not their mission.

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              Are you kidding? They have lots of great bottles for $11, $13, $15! One of our favorite whites is their $9.50 Marigny-Neuf. Thank you.

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                The question was 'what case of white wine should a self-described poor student buy for a party', and I don't think that $11 bottles qualify for that.

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                  I think, in that case, I'd recommend serving some other beverage.

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                    So there's not a bottle of white out there that you'd serve at a party that costs less than, say, $13 a bottle?

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                Moore Brother is THE place to go for great wine at reasonable prices.

              3. Have you considered a local winery? There are some great inexpensive wineries in Bucks County. Both Rushland Ridge Winery and Buckingham Winery offer decent wines for around $7 a bottle, plus they offer a 10% case discount. THey both have decent whites - vidal banc and seyval blanc at Buckingham and villard blanc at Rushland Ridge.

                As an added benefit, you get to taste all of the wines!

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                  How good are those local wines? In my neighborhood (southern Chester County) we've got a consortium of local wine producers (VaLa Vinyards, Folly Hill, Paradocx) and I've yet to taste one that's truly enjoyable. Not only that, they're fairly pricey.

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                    I love the wine from VaLa, but I do agree they are fairly pricey. The Bucks County wineries, in general, are okay. Definitely not the best wine I've had - in general the whites are pretty good. I've not had many good experiences with Bucks County red wine, though. But it is a fun experience. Both Rushland Ridge and Buckingham have a "pour your own" tasting bar. The wine at both wineries is pretty cheap, typically $7 a bottle. Its a fun afternoon out, and you're supporting a local business!

                2. Agreed that best places to get a case is in NJ or DE, though if you don't want to hoof it out of Philly, they have a decent selection at the state store on Chestnut near 13th.

                  White wines I've experienced great bang for the buck:
                  France: Viognier, Graves, Vouvray, Pouilly-Fume, Pouilly-Fuisse
                  Italy: Pinot Grigio, Verdicchio, Vernaccia, Arneis
                  Spain: Albarino (my current fave)
                  Portugal: Vinho Verde
                  Germany/Austria/Alsace: Riesling, Gewurtztraminer, Gruner Veltliner
                  New Zealand: Sauvignon Blanc
                  NY State: Finger Lakes Riesling

                  1. I just want to add my 2 cents about Moore Bros. If you call them and explain what you are looking for, they can tell you right away if they can accomodate you. Moore Bros. is far and away the best wine store I have ever been to, and the people who run it have had their share of poverty striken days and can relate to wanting to spend as little as possible for the best deal. Sure, you can go to Canal's and Total Wine, and these places are bound to offer great case prices, but they are massive operations. Depends on how you like your service. I want to say just give Moore Bros. a call before you rule them out. They have plenty of under $10 bottles.

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                      And they're genuinely not snooty, IME about helping pick affordable wines. It's not precisely comfortable, at first, to say "I want the most inexpensive possible wines," since they clearly have much higher-end wines. But it's worth asking because they really will help.

                      PA State Stores also have decent inexpensive wines if you know what to look for. :)

                    2. Go to a Canals...looks for Avhelda (a Portuguese Vino Verde) comes in at about $5 a bottle. It is pretty good.

                      there is another Casal Garcia, also vino verde, similar in price, slightly sparkling, very good...harder to find.

                      1. I agree on Moore Bros. I have seen Greg spend 1/2 hr. suggesting wines to match a specific dinner for a customer (resulting in a $12.00 sale.)

                        You really can't go wrong with their "bon marche'" collections. There will be no dogs, and quite a few VERY pleasant surprises of small artisinal shops with unique terroir.

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                          Two sides to this - a $15 bottle at Moore Bros. might taste far far better than a $25 bottle bought elsewhere. But I doubt if a student hosting a party for a dozen quasi-alcoholic friends needs very good wine - get 2 bottles of $12 wine for those who might care and then start bringing out the 3-Buck-Chuck or whatever else you can find at Trader Joe's for $5-6 a bottle.

                        2. Get a case of Cava - spanish sparkling wine. Total wine has them for about $5-$8/bottle. Nothing more festive than sparkling wine for a birthday party.

                          1. Total One across the State Line on 95 in Delaware (Naaman's Rd. exit) has great discounted wines.
                            Yellowtail is a darned good chardonnay under $10 a bottle.

                            1. Charles Shaw (AKA Two Buck Chuck) I think it is around $4 per bottle these days.