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Jan 3, 2007 06:22 PM

Looking for a good place for my 29th B-Day dinner..HELP!

I'm turning husband and I NEVER go out to eat even though there are so many restaurants in our area...I live in Redondo Beach (south redondo) and my husband hates seafood. I was thinking Aimee's or HT Grill, maybe Jackson's in Hermosa? any input??? Thanks!! =)

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  1. The food at HT Grill was okay --- but it was really loud so if you're looking for a romantic night I would not recommend it. I love Chez Melange and also La Sosta Enoteca (authentic Italian).

    Chez Melange
    1716 S. PCH
    (bet. Palos Verdes Blvd. & Prospect Ave.)
    Redondo Beach, CA

    La Sosta Enoteca
    2700 Manhattan Ave.
    (27th St.)
    Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Hey, I live in Southbay and am turning 29 this week too! What a coincidence. If you want to stay in Southbay, your best bet is definitely Christine in Torrance (check out for a menu, although they will also have great specials not listed online). I thought the food at Chez Melange was good but not great, and there were a lot of elderly people there when I went...definitely NOT a festive place to spend a 29th birthday. If you are willing to go northward you will have a lot more great options, though...but it seems like proximity to Redondo and no seafood are your 2 main criteria. You can find that, and a nice atmosphere, at Christine.

      1. Thanks for the tip! so where are you going to dine this birthday?My birthday was yesterday (on the third)The hubby and I decided to go really local (walkable) o that little italian place in Riveria Vllage, Buona Sera. I liked the atmosphere, quiet and candlelight...I think I made a mistake by ordering risotto because I've only had it made really good only one time but the app of grilled polenta and my husbands pumpkin ravioli were pretty good. I'm a recent 'replant' from NY so I have to get used to the smaller portions out here! not such a bad thing though...

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          I'm going to Jar tonight (up in Mid-Wilshire). Glad to hear that you had a nice birthday dinner!