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Jan 3, 2007 06:08 PM

Triumph Brewery in Old City?

Anyone know when Triumph is set to open its doors on Chestnut St? I have not been to the other locations but I am looking forward to some American comfort food (other than burgers) in Old City. Has anyone gone? Is it similar to the Manayunk Brew Pub? When is it set to open?

Here's the website if you have no idea what I am talking about.

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  1. I've been to their locations in Princeton, NJ and New Hope, Pa. I used to love their food way back when they only had the Princeton location (the chicken sandwich was to die for), but the last few meals I've had (at the New Hope location) have left me feeling bloated and sick to my stomach.

    Don't get me wrong, the food tastes great (I've enjoyed the burger, the calamari and a slew of other things) but maybe my tolerance for fatty, salty food has gone down in recent years. Last time we went I vowed never again, which is a shame because they're great for a relaxing night out and their beer is awesome.

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      I have been to all three locations, but the Old City is my favorite in terms of food and beer. It's a very cool space, with a different feel in each separate area. The bar is industrial but has a wooden back bar that gives some balance of warmth.

      I had the daily noodle dish (lunch) which was terrific; a nice mushroom broth with scallops, cilantro and just enough heat to make the noodles more interesting.
      The beer sampler actually had eight beers, mostly summer style wheat beers.
      The Hellles lager and IPA stood out.

    2. The Triumph Brewery is ok. The beers don't thrill me and the food is decent (but pricey). I have only been to the Princeton location, however. I think things may vary with the location. I guess I would characterize it as inoffensive. Not my favorite place, but not something I go out of my way to abhor. I am, however, NOT a beer fanatic, so...

      1. Thanks for your responses guys. While this may not become a destination spot for people to come into old city, I think it will fit in nicely for the neighborhood that has way more bars than places to casually eat and drink.

        1. I really like their beers and it will be a destination spot for me but strictly a beer destination. The food doesn't really interest me, any good food they have will be a pleasant surprise.

          1. Here's a question: How will the opening of Triumph affect Eulogy (which is literally across the street)? I personally think that it will be minimal because I think that each place (despite being both beer focused) serve different crowds: the brewpub crowd vs. the beer bar crowd. Now as for Plough and the Stars . . ?

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              Good question. I think each bar has its own crowd but there will be a spill-over effect from one to the other. Now when I head into Eulogy and the place is wall to wall, I will go and check out Truimph. It also depends on Triumph's space and the size of the bar in relation to the seating area. The bad thing about Eulogy, if your not at a booth or at the bar, your kind of in no man's land and in the way. I think it will give the Plow some nice competition although I thought that about National Mechanic (the old Coyote Ugly) on 3rd St and that has yet to get real busy. It's a nice open space and the drinks are super cheap.

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                Few more questions and comments:
                1) I'm not familiar with this National Mechanic. Does it have a lot of craft brews?
                2) Although I'm not a Triumph fan, Old City needed more focused craft beer options. Beyond Sugermom's and Eulogy what else was there?
                3) Size is a funny thing. If it's too small it can be problematic from a physical comfort level. But when it's huge it attracts more of a "meat market" crowd (i.e. Plough, Manayunk Brew Pub, Finnegan's Wake, etc.)

                1. re: Chinon00

                  I've only been to National Mechanics once, the first week of opening. They seemed to be focusing on interesting beers, and it is a nice space.

                  Race St. Cafe, Society Hill Hotel, and Skinner's all have a good variety of craft beers.

                  You're right, size is a funny thing, which makes me leery of Triumph, unfortunately. I've only seen their space gutted, but it's huge. Hopefully, they're sectioning it off; I think/hope that will lend itself to more intimate and mellow brew enjoyment.

                  1. re: Chinon00

                    Brownies and the Khyber have been serving imported and micro drafts since before Sugar Mom's and Eulogy existed. Both offer approximately a dozen taps

                    1. re: coolgeek

                      I appreciate what you’re saying and I have enjoyed going to Khyber but what I’m talking about is something beyond a place with a great beer selection but a beer focused place like Eulogy, Monk’s and now Triumph. I enjoy going to places where the staff is knowledgeable about the beer that they serve and where they might also provide detailed literature about the beer. Moreover, the integration of beer into the menu’s recipes further adds to the beer experience. I don’t know if Brownie’s does this (I’m pretty sure that Khyber doesn’t) but if they do I will have to stop by both of them much more.

                      1. re: Chinon00

                        A few other places I have tried that really push a beer experience would Independence Brew Pub (although big and somewhat commercialized, has a few beer inspired sandwiches and beer battered entries), Ludwig's Garten (2 dozen beers on tap, sampler flights, meat and potato/German cuisine, good preztels to start), and Nodding Head (although really just an extension of monks). I was out in Hawaii a few months ago and went to Kona Brew Co in Kona after the ironman. Great beer and food and an excellent vibe from the staff to the people around you (but we were also in Hawaii so what's to be down about). If triumph is 1/2 that cool, I'll be content.