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Jan 3, 2007 06:06 PM

Mangosteens in NYC?

I just tried freeze-dried mangosteens from Trader Joe's. They are ok, but I'd like to try the fresh ones. Is there anywhere in NYC where I could buy fresh (or even canned) these elusive fruit?

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  1. I'm from Chicago - but here you can find mangoes at most Latino and Asian markets. I just bought fresh frozen mangoes from Trader Joe's. They are great in smoothies.

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      Mangosteens are different than mangos. As far as I am aware, it is still illegal to import them although rumors are always popping up about their availability at certain markets along Bowery in Chinatown. I personally have not seen them though.

      1. re: bobby06877

        Yes, totally different from mangoes. Consider, by analogy, grapes and grapefruits. Not the same, right? :-)

    2. I've seen 'em on the street in Chinatown. But according to the Purdue website, this is not the season:

      "At low altitudes in Ceylon the fruit ripens from May to July; at higher elevations, in July and August or August and September. In India, there are 2 distinct fruiting seasons, one in the monsoon period (July-October) and another from April through June. Puerto Rican trees in full sun fruit in July and August; shaded trees, in November and December."

      1. Asian groceries commonly have canned. I didn't know TJs had freeze-dried, I'll have to go look! You can find fresh Mangosteens in Toronto - Canada doesn't have the import restriction the US has.

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          ...and yet Canada hasn't been devastated by Asian fruit flies. Hmmmm....

        2. We wrote about our experience finding them in Chinatown earlier this year-- it is possible to do, but you just have to be wily about it. That said, Peter Cuce is spot on: it's not the season for mangosteens, so you probably won't be able to snag any of them; they go quickly.



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            They're rumored to be found in Chinatowns and Asian markets here in California, but I've not had a sighting yet. Nosh, very nice site, I enjoyed reading a few pages. Nicely put together and well written.

          2. I ate one last weekend at Granville Market in Vancouver. My sister-in-law found them and said that she hadn't eaten one since leaving HK several years ago (she lives in Seattle).