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Jan 3, 2007 06:06 PM

Business Lunch in OC

Looking for a good place to take some client for lunch. We are in Costa Mesa and they are in Irvine. Price is no object. Thanks.

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  1. In Costa Mesa there is Mastros or Chat Noir since price is no object. I don't know if Onotria is open for lunch or not, but that might be a different place to try with clients.

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    1. re: SouthOCHound

      Mastros is my #1 choice but they are not open for lunch.

      1. re: MEalcentric

        Bummas. OK, I have no idea which ones are open for lunch, but here's from the hip:
        Gulfstream, Roys or Flemmings in Fascist Island
        Bistango, Blue Water Grill, Il Fornaio, Darya, or Antonellos in Costa Mesa. 21 Oceanfron, Sage or Taco Rosa in Newport Beach.

    2. We just had lunch at Onotria yesterday and it was wonderful. The tri tip sandwich is amazing.

      1. Two more thoughts. What about Plums on 17th in Costa Mesa? Not a steakhouse but if your guests haven't really sampled califonia cuisine it might be a refreshing break from the ordinary. Also, if you are not opposed to travling to Tustin, I would heartily recommend Zov's.

        1. Throw them for a loop and take them, literally, to the beach. If this is a lunch where you want to linger and not rush back to the office, the Beachcomber Cafe in Crystal Cove State Park might work.

          It's all about the beach, being outside, and the view. Food's just ok. Casual, & not the hyper expensive treat that client lunches usually entail. Just a twist on the usual, y'know?

          1. Haven't been yet, but heard good things about Bistango.

            Onotria is indeed open for lunch.

            When the Wild Rabbit was open for lunch, I took some clients there and they enjoyed it. But I think they are dinner-only now.

            Kitayama's seems best suited for the business lunch and have had some decent meals with clients there.

            There is Taleo Grill in that marketplace, but that parking lot is becoming more of a pain to find parking every time I visit. Houston's and Ruth's Chris are also in that area.

            Also, across the street from the Bluffs, is Marco Polo, a nice Italian restaurant. Had excellent lasagna there last week, rack of lamb on my previous visit.

            Turner New Zealand is also quite good, and open for lunch.

            Second Zov's in Tustin, if you're willing to travel out a bit.

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            1. re: Wonginator

              I like Bistango for client lunches. Unusual decor, food is always solid, and lots of "business" going on there during the lunch hour.

              1. re: Samantha

                I'll second Bistango is a good choice for a business lunch. Also, just up the street is Prego, a nice italian place conducive to impressing your client.