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Jan 3, 2007 06:04 PM

Honeymoon Dinner in Dallas

We are considering Auroa, Stephen Pyles, Lola or Craft. I read the recent string comparing Lola and Craft, which was very helpful, but haven't heard much lately about Auroa, and would like to know more about Stephen Pyles. By the way, I just discovered this board and must say that I am very impressed by the insight that is provided by the regulars.

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  1. Woops, that would be Anniversary, not honeymoon!

    1. I would skip Stephan Pyles...very power-lunch/dinner type place.

      If you are really into wine, go to Lola's. Romantic atmosphere, great wine list, and great food

      Craft is on top of the W hotel...I haven't been but many have recommended it.

      1. Craft is on the bottom floor of the hotel. I went and it was nice, but I think Lola is more of an anniversary place. I did Aurora a while ago, and it was fantastic. One of the best meals I have had in town, but haven't been lately.

        1. Aurora -- New French in style, small but pretty nice room in a clean strip mall on the edge of Highland Park.

          Lola -- New American with strong Western European influences (e.g., Italy, Spain, and France), solid execution, and delicate flavor balances. (For a formal occasion, the Tasting Room might be the better option, if you're willing to let the chef entertain you.)

          Stephan Pyles -- Flashiest decor and hippest atmosphere of the bunch, bolder flavors and busier combinations than the others.

          Craft -- Nice restaurant design, solid execution, simpler dish concepts than the others (not pejoratively intended).

          Of those, my personal choice--both in terms of atmosphere for the occasion and food quality--would be the Tasting Room at Lola.


          1. Aurora is still on top of their game. Another idea for your anniversary, check out Nana in the Anatole or the French Room in the Adolphus. Both are fantastic. Eat and drink all you want, surprise the spouse with a room upstairs.