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Jan 3, 2007 05:50 PM

Al di La or Chestnut or Applewood or Grocery? HELP!

I've got the folks coming with their wallet at the end of the month and want to show them Park Slope. The last time they were here we went to Stone Park which was very nice. This time I'm debating between Al di La (which I love but we're going to Babbo for Italian the night before) or Chestnut (which I've heard good things about but is not in Park Slope) I would prefer to stay in the hood but I'm not that wed to it if there's a great place on Smith or Court I should try.

Maybe Applewood? Tempo (I never liked it when it was Cucina)? When I really think about it Park Slope doesn't have many "destination" places. And I'm not really that familiar with the Smith Street places besides that charming Cuban place and Grocery.

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  1. Grocery and Saul are quite nice on Smith, and worth taking advantage of the parents' wallet. Chestnut you can afford on your own.

      1. Absolutely's extremely intimate..and the menu is sublime (the duck is to die for)..better make a reservation soon.
        that's the tricky part.

        1. If the folks are paying get thee to Applewood -- you can afford Chestnut with their amazing Tuesday/Wednesday $25 Prix Fixe.

          1. Applewood is great great great- and so is Little D Eatery- we ate there last week with the folks (who are BIG restaurant people) and they absolutely loved it- and we said why don't we eat here more often- it was just so spectacularly great. and humble and mellow. and not as slow as applewood... now babbo, that is a thing of perfection!!! mint love letters... osso bucco... mario... drooling...