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Jan 3, 2007 05:26 PM

Thai at Jeeb or Klong

hi all, i'm looking on having a celebration dinner for a GROUP of about 12 or so. definitely cheap eats. i'm leaning towards JEEB or Klong or Kuma Inn for thai/tapas with good reviews, but don't know how they would handle a large crowd.

most places will rush you out or are good eats but tiny places or you can barely hear the person next to you. those are out. i'm looking for a cool atmosphere and friendly service that won't take forever. any other suggestions?


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  1. I had a great meal at Jeeb a few weeks ago. We actually went in preparation for our trip to Thailand. They were very patient and polite. It's not a tiny restaurant and you should be able to hear just fine. It's probably fine if you order as a whole table and share. That's sort of the way the menu is set up anyway. Enjoy!

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      Agreed...between those two, definitely Jeeb...when i've gone there i usually specified for them to cook me stuff that's not on the regular menu (very spicy Thai dishes that they eat as the staff meal or will stir-fry up to order), so feel free to ask them to cook you the real stuff...Jeeb is also a mellower, quieter place, and the back area can easily accomodate a large party...

      Klong's food is sweet, goopy, and foul -- my Thai friends find it almost laughably bad...

    2. Would you consider Zabb City?

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        you might want to look into bangkok house on restaurant row. they are small but i've seem them cater to large parties without squishing them in. they also have a sister place with the same menu right on the corner of w48 and 9th. the latter is a nicer environment but the former is cute as well.

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          The most important criterion is, is the food good. But since I live in the East Village, unless it's really notably good, I think I'll stick with Zabb City, and when on a special trip, will go to Sripraphai.

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            I think I went to that restaurant one time for a birthday party (across the street from the AYCE pasta place, right?). I have NEVER had more disgusting Thai food. My order (don't even remember what it was) was flavorless. The birthday girl's lemongrass chicken dish tasted like dish detergent - and I like lemongrass! The drinks were weak and gross as well. It was just bizarrely bad.

            1. re: janethepain

              good point, pan. i failed to mention that bangkok house has good food. i wouldn't recommend a place otherwise. i'm not saying it's the best in the city but will provide additional details along with a menu. they are also very, very nice.

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                which place was this? that's horrible, sorry to hear that about the birthday girl =(

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                  which place was this? that's horrible, sorry to hear that about the birthday girl =(

            2. We like Jeeb too. It would get my vote.



              1. Although I have not been to Jeeb, I can't imagine it is any worse than Klong. I had one of the most terrible dining experiences there last night. The sauces, as one person mentioned, are cloyingly sweet and the service is obnoxiously bad. Our server slammed drinks down on the table without making any eye contact. To make matters worse, the kitchen forgot my order and then brought the wrong order not once but TWICE. I finally ate the inedible dish they brought me out of sheer hunger. They then proceeded to charge me for it. Don't fall for the nice decor and cheap prices at Klong. You can find better cheap Thai restaurants that provide real service.