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Jan 3, 2007 05:14 PM

Best Rotisserie Chicken in Park Slope and Surrounding...

Hi Folks,

Curious as to your thoughts on this one. I have three opinions:

Cocoroco - Overrated. Too salty IMO.

Russo's - I liked this chicken when it was 4.99/bird, but the skin tends to be flabby and not rendered long enough to thin/crisp it.

Uncle Moe's - Maybe I'm nuts, but this is my favorite. The skin is rendered thin and nicely seasoned, and the breasts are not dried out. Nice and flavorful.

I try not to bother with the supermarket Rot chickens, but I've had C-Town and Pathmark chickens in the past, and both were underwhelming as you can imagine.

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  1. i have to say that fairway does a very good lemon garlic murray's chicken that is great.

    union market also does a good one.

    1. I love the rotisserie chicken at Luz, in Clinton Hill/Fort Greene on Vanderbilt bet. Willoughby and Myrtle. I also like a crisp skin and 9 times out of 10 it comes that way, but I've lately made a point of requesting it, just to avoid disappointment. It's flavorful and I don't find it too salty. Also, cheap at $5 for half and $10 for a whole chicken.

      1. I like the chicken and sides at Russo's, as well as the chicken at Fairway, but I think the best overall deal in terms of quality and price is at Los Pollitos II.

        1. The best Chicken I've had is at Clemens Burritos located on PPW at Prospect Ave. My husband and I swear by it.

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            Interesting, and close to my new neighborhood of Windsor Terrace. I'll have to check them out as a replacement to my beloved Moe's.

          2. I actually think the chicken from the Keyfood on Flatbush near 7th Avenue is pretty darn good - with crispy skin!