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DAT Steaks-Ruth's Chris vs. Lark Creek Steak?

Hi All
I'm in the mood for a juicy steak. I usually prefer a rib-eye; does anyone know what cuts are usually offered for the DAT menu? Any opinions on which would be a better option? I've never been to either but am a little wary of eating in a mall. Thanks.

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  1. Usually, the DAT menu is posted on the restaurant's website. Also available here, (but not yet--it's "coming soon"): http://www.onlyinsanfrancisco.com/din...

    As far as "eating in a mall," don't be put off by Lark Creek Steak for that reason; indeed, one could say the same thing about "eating in a chain" restaurant such as Ruth's Chris. We had a thoroughly enjoyable meal there about 6 weeks ago. The dining room is quite nice, and it's easy to forget that the restaurant is in a mall. Someone wrote a report about a nice meal she had eating at the counter by the open kitchen. There's also a number of posts about LCS that you can search for on the board to get a sense of the place.

    1. I ate at Lark Creek Steak last night....the steak offered on the DAT menu was a 6oz filet. It was an excellent steak (this if coming from someone who isn't usually a filet fan)
      Overall I was quite impressed with my meal and the DAT menu.

      1. Alfred's ( http://www.alfredssteakhouse.com/ )is also on the DAT list, for both lunch and dinner. It's an old-time SF steakhouse (since 1928), definitely not like eating in a mall. The menu isn't up on their page, but it may be the same for lunch as their regular lunch prix fixe (which is the same price with dessert):

        THE MERCHANT LUNCH 17.95
        Soup or Mixed Greens Salad
        Fresh Fish of the Day
        or Pan-Roasted Half-chicken
        Glass of House Wine 4.00 / House Dessert 4.00

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          I went to Alfred's for lunch last week and had their DAT selection. It's different from their regular you listed:

          Starter of - Soup or Salad
          Entree of - Salmon
          or Filets with Onions, Mushrooms, and Bacon (there was a fancier description, but I forgot exactly)
          Dessert of - Coffee/Espresso Ice Cream, or [something else]

        2. Ruth's Chris does an excellent rib eye (the Cowboy cut). Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about their porterhouse or their fillet.

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            How can it be that a plcae can be so inconsistent from one cut of beef to the next? I've never been to a Ruth's Chris, FWIW.

            And how the hell did they come up with that name?!

            1. re: uptown jimmy

              "...and just how did they get that funny name?
              'Ruth's Chris' was launched in May 1965 when a determined woman named Ruth Fertel purchased a small New Orleans restaurant: Chris Steak House. Rather than change the name, she simply added hers to it...hence, "Ruth's Chris" was born. The rest, as they say, is history."

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                Porterhouse is a very difficult cut to get right because it includes both the NY strip and the fillet. The fillet is much more lean, cooks faster, as is pretty much worthless above medium rare, IMO.

                Rib eye is my favorite cut because has the best of both worlds -- tender like the fillet but flavorful like the NY Strip.

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                I've been to San Francisco's Ruth's Chris twice - gotta say, it was overpriced for what was served. No plans to eat there again - had filet both times.

              3. Ate at Lark Creek Steak a few weeks ago. Briefly, my rib eye was very tender and almost without flavor. How they do that is beyond me. My wife had a pork dish that she liked, and our friend had the boring chicken potpie. Probably a mistake to order a dish like that at a steakhouse.

                Caesar salad also boring, no punch to it. When we asked the waiter how often Bradley Ogden comes in, he said that so far as he knew, Ogden had not yet graced the restaurant with his presence since it opened.

                1. did the ruth's chris DAT last year. they let you choose between the rib-eye and a ny strip. i ended up with the rib eye, and preferred my usual filet.

                  however for $33 it's a deal.

                  1. Did LarkCreek last evening and the DAT choice was a 6 oz. filet or a grilled sole, Both were decent and considering their normal $30+ entree prices, the 3-courses was a good deal. Doubt I'll return for the higher prices though.

                    1. i tried the new Lark Creek in the Bloomingdale's mall in November. as noted above, our steaks were tender but with only mild flavor - grass fed? not to my taste, won't be going back. and the sides were mediocre.

                      have been to ruth cris a half dozen times, always get a very good and flavorful steak - rib eye, poterhouse, new york, whatever. very dependable for me anyway.

                      i like best the classic corn fed beef flavor. only place in SF i've been to which features that is the venerable Harris Restaurant. but the atmosphere is a little stuffy, even for a traditional place (thank heaven they also sell their beef retail starting 5PM). are there others?

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                        I believe Ruth Cris only serves corn-fed, top 2% prime out of KC. At least that is what their ad used to say!

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                          Starters: Endive salad with diced quince, sliced pears, a meagre offering of blue cheese, and vinaigrette or an DIVINE French onion soup that was the clear winner of the evening.

                          Entree: 6 oz filet or grilled sole

                          Dessert: Chocolate Napolean (very thick slices of cake which sandwiched a chocolate mousse - quite heavy) served with ice cream or a blood orange cheesecake that was infinitely better than the chocolate offering.