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Jan 3, 2007 05:07 PM

Ethnic in Tempe?

Will be heading to Tempe on the 12th for the Fiesta Volleyball tournament. Whenever we get to the city, we try to search out the best in ethnic food, especially, Vietnamese and Thai--though anything off the beaten track will do. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Tempe has plenty of ethnic options. I recommend the following:

    Cafe Istanbul (Middle Eastern)
    Efes (Turkish)
    Thai Basil
    Pita Jungle (Middle Eastern/Mediterranean)
    Cafe Lalibela (Ethiopian)

    And, if you are looking for some decent Mexican food, Rosita's is quite good.

    As for Vietnamese, I have checked out Tempe for that cuisine, but just north of Tempe in Scottsdale is Noodles Ranch, which I think has some good options.

    Enjoy your stay in Tempe!

    1. I second all choices named above. In addition, Tempe is home to about half a dozen Indian restaurants. Udupi Cafe is my current favorite.

      Also, although food and drink of the British Isles isn't always considered "ethnic," you might want to check out two other places in Tempe:

      Cornish Pasty Company for an inexpensive lunch or dinner based on the pasties traditionally consumed by British miners.

      Rula Bula -- an Irish pub. The food can be spotty, but the beer and atmosphere are always fun.

      1. I highly second Udupi Cafe. In my opinion, some of the best Indian food anywhere in the Phoenix area. Great food, very popular. You will not be disappointed.

        I couldn't find a website. It's address is 1636 N. Scottsdale Rd (northern Tempe). It's on the west side of Scottsdale Rd, approx. a half-mile south of McKellips Rd.

        1. Mucho Gusto on University is also pretty good.

          1. Lots of good recommendations. At the top of my list for "ethnic" in Tempe would be Cafe Lalibela and Cornish Pasty. If you are willing to drive a short bit 10-15 minutes, there are three good Asian options in neighboring cities. Cyclo in Chandler and Dragonfly in Mesa both serve up some pretty good Vietnamese food and Lee's Sandwiches in Chandler makes some excellent, affordable ($2-4 range) Asian sandwiches.

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              Some more to add:

              Pasand (Indian) on McClintock and Baseline
              The same strip mall has an Indian grocery with a small selection of chaat dishes
              China Max (McClintock and Guadalupe)
              There's a Mongolian Grill place at Southern and McClintock (never been there)

              1. re: zebcook

                I have a few Indian ladies I work with and they like Pasand and the Chaat/Market