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Apr 13, 2005 03:39 PM

Opinions of Fior d'Italia?

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I had a great meal at Fior d'Italia in 2000 with a former co-worker. I was looking it up again and see that it's been closed since February because of a fire. They don't expect to reopen until July now.
In researching posts on Chowhound, I see mostly negative reviews. Is that truly how the Chowhounders in San Francisco feel? It was a little old school Italian, but the food seemed great.
They have a tomato-based shrimp scampi prepared northern Italian style that's absolutely the best I've ever had. I've been looking for it elsewhere and it's all Silician-style scampi.

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  1. I havn't been there in a few decades as I was not impressed. I remember, about 15 years ago or so, a scathing review by Patricia Unterman in which she claimed that they served "spoiled" chicken - not badly prepared chicken, but chicken that was way beyond its expiration date.

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      Jane Hathaway

      I had one meal at Fior d'Italia in the fall of 2003 and enjoyed it very much. I didn't enjoy it enough to remember precisely what I had. It was a decent pasta of some sort and a really good salad. The standout for me was the bread.

      1. I had a spectacular Lamb Tartare appetizer there one time, that I can't get out of my mind (about 15 years ago :-)). And I recall some excellent pasta on another visit, also eons ago. I think it was the "red-state" political stickers on the bar that put me off the place, but not the food...

        1. Long time ago, I had the most memorably wonderful version of pasta with pesto there.

          1. Our office held a holiday dinner there 4 years ago which I thought was good, but haven't tried it for dinner since. BTW, there is a recent note on about rumors that the restaurant may not reopen after all.