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Opinions of Fior d'Italia?

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I had a great meal at Fior d'Italia in 2000 with a former co-worker. I was looking it up again and see that it's been closed since February because of a fire. They don't expect to reopen until July now.
In researching posts on Chowhound, I see mostly negative reviews. Is that truly how the Chowhounders in San Francisco feel? It was a little old school Italian, but the food seemed great.
They have a tomato-based shrimp scampi prepared northern Italian style that's absolutely the best I've ever had. I've been looking for it elsewhere and it's all Silician-style scampi.

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  1. I havn't been there in a few decades as I was not impressed. I remember, about 15 years ago or so, a scathing review by Patricia Unterman in which she claimed that they served "spoiled" chicken - not badly prepared chicken, but chicken that was way beyond its expiration date.

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      Jane Hathaway

      I had one meal at Fior d'Italia in the fall of 2003 and enjoyed it very much. I didn't enjoy it enough to remember precisely what I had. It was a decent pasta of some sort and a really good salad. The standout for me was the bread.

      1. I had a spectacular Lamb Tartare appetizer there one time, that I can't get out of my mind (about 15 years ago :-)). And I recall some excellent pasta on another visit, also eons ago. I think it was the "red-state" political stickers on the bar that put me off the place, but not the food...

        1. Long time ago, I had the most memorably wonderful version of pasta with pesto there.

          1. Our office held a holiday dinner there 4 years ago which I thought was good, but haven't tried it for dinner since. BTW, there is a recent note on Gayot.com about rumors that the restaurant may not reopen after all.

            1. Anyone eaten there since it reopened in the new location? What's it like? I liked it when I ate there six years ago.

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                Thought it morphed into Joe DiMaggio's Chophouse... just opened.

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                  Fior d'Italia moved into the space at the San Remo Hotel. Powell near Francisco, I think.

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                    We ate there at its new location in the San Remo Hotel.

                    The food is definitely very traditional Northern Italian food, with very Italian wait staff. We ordered the calamari basket, beef ravoli with meat sauce and the veal parmagania. Everything was 'not bad', not great, but not bad. The restaurant was full with lots of special occuassion celebratin going on around us.

                    The highlight was definitely the veal. Pounded very thin and fried to perfection, it was served very simply with a marinara and steamed broccoli. The calamari was okay for me, the bread coating was a thin thin dusting of flour, so after a few minutes the heat made them all the crust soggy or pretty much disappered. The ravolis' filling was dry. The beef inside seemed to be overcooked meat that was then shredded and used as filling.

                    The prices were a bit high, the calamari was $11, the ravoli was $14 and the veal $29. I think for traditional Italian, I would go to Contindina Trattoria on the corner of Mason and Union instead next time.

              2. They are open for business on Mason near Francisco in the San Remo Hotel. It is an ok-- somewhat expensive for the quality--Italian restaurant with good old fashioned veal dishes