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Jan 3, 2007 05:00 PM

Sunday Brunch

My son is soon to be 18 and I have decided to take the greater family out to a fancy Sunday brunch. We have been to Hs Lordship’s and he likes it but I would like to find a much nicer place for this special occasion.

Suggestions for the East Bay (we are in Berkeley) or San Francisco?


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  1. Have never tried it, but how about Jordan's at the Claremont Hotel

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      I'd advise against it. We had some serious service issues and the environment wasn't very nice as it was being utilized like a typical breakfast buffet by the hotel guests (people in shorts, slippers, etc.).

      I'd highly recommend the Palace Hotel. The food is good for a buffet, and the Garden Court is stunning. On a Sunday AM it's a quick trip into the city. You can valet park at the hotel and with a validation received in the dining room it's something like $10.

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        I can't imagine any place more special than the Garden Court.

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          I'll second the buffet at the Palace. Very impressive.

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            Thanks for all the responses. The Palace sounds perfect!

      2. I really enjoy the brunch at Foreign Cinema. The food and the outdoor seating (with strong heaters when it's cold) have both been very good to me, but it's not a buffet kind of place.

        Sample menu-

        1. I think Eccolo in Berkeley serves the best Sunday brunch in the East Bay. It doesn't have the fawning waiters and killer views of the bayside/hotel corporate dreck. But in terms of delicious food, Eccolo can't be beat. Finish the meal with the best ice cream in town, across the street at Sketch.

          1. 900 Grayson in Berkeley is on my To Dine list based on many favorable posts on this site (try a search). Check the menus:


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              Unfortunately, 900 Grayson is closed on Sundays.