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Jan 3, 2007 04:58 PM

Kosher Vermouth?

Does anyone know of a Kosher dry vermouth that's not made by Kedem? I haven't tried Kedem, but I've heard that it's awful.

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  1. I don't recall ever seeing any other brand under supervision. does not list any types other than the Kedem (Dry or Sweet). I checked the CRC alcohol list and they say Kedem is the only kind which is "readily available".

    Just a disclaimer - if I am having hard alcohol I prefer Single Malt.

    1. If you can, try to find typsy olives in vermouth, they are under the COR, and they give you just enough vermouth to be able to say it is a martini, instead of a vodka on the rocks with olives.

      1. Why not experiment with other white wines. THere are a plethora under supervision. Let us know what develops.

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          Ice cold gin with a drop of chardonnay?

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            "Ice cold gin with a drop of chardonnay?"


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              Why don't you fix yourself a martini in the manner of Sir Winston Churchill: Pour iced gin into a martini glass, take a bottle of vermouth (an empty bottle will do fine), wave bottle of vermouth over the glass, enjoy!

              No need for any actual vermouth.

          2. Re: the tipsy olives in vermouth; they were recalled by the COR a few months ago because the certification was unauthorized. Here's the link:


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              Thanks for your post. I actually saw these in the supermarket on Wednesday night but didn't buy them (I prefer my drinks unadulterated). I will attempt to contact the COR to let them know its on the shelves in NY.

            2. Thank you. Darn, I knew it was to good to be true.