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Kosher Vermouth?

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Does anyone know of a Kosher dry vermouth that's not made by Kedem? I haven't tried Kedem, but I've heard that it's awful.

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  1. I don't recall ever seeing any other brand under supervision. KosherWine.com does not list any types other than the Kedem (Dry or Sweet). I checked the CRC alcohol list and they say Kedem is the only kind which is "readily available".

    Just a disclaimer - if I am having hard alcohol I prefer Single Malt.

    1. If you can, try to find typsy olives in vermouth, they are under the COR, and they give you just enough vermouth to be able to say it is a martini, instead of a vodka on the rocks with olives.

      1. Why not experiment with other white wines. THere are a plethora under supervision. Let us know what develops.

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          Ice cold gin with a drop of chardonnay?

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            "Ice cold gin with a drop of chardonnay?"


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              Why don't you fix yourself a martini in the manner of Sir Winston Churchill: Pour iced gin into a martini glass, take a bottle of vermouth (an empty bottle will do fine), wave bottle of vermouth over the glass, enjoy!

              No need for any actual vermouth.

          2. Re: the tipsy olives in vermouth; they were recalled by the COR a few months ago because the certification was unauthorized. Here's the link:


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              Thanks for your post. I actually saw these in the supermarket on Wednesday night but didn't buy them (I prefer my drinks unadulterated). I will attempt to contact the COR to let them know its on the shelves in NY.

            2. Thank you. Darn, I knew it was to good to be true.

              1. I was at a glatt restaurant and noticed that the bar had the popular Martini & Rosso vermouth you see everywhere. Unless my eyes were deceiving me.

                Anyone know if this stuff is kosher?

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                  By any chance, do you remember what restaurant it was?

                2. I think your eyes were deceiving you. The stuff is not kosher.

                  1. I saw somewhere that Martini & Rossi sold in Israel is or was under kosher supervision.

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                      Yes, whenever I can I have a friend making the trip to Israel bring back a bottle of Martini & Rossi vermouth which is available there with a hechsher - the Beis Din of Milan, IIRC.

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                        That is DARNED interesting.
                        I had no idea and it explains my apparent hallucination at the steakhouse.


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                          The following Vermouths bear Kosher certification in Israel. They must bear the symbol and the approval of Israels chief rabbinate to be kosher. In the Ben Gurion duty free they are usually not kosher from what I have heard)

                          Martini: Bianco, Rosso and Extra Dry all bear the Israel chief rabbinates approval as well as Rabbi G.M. Garelik, Milan, Italy.(I'm not sure how the name is spelled in Latin but in Hebrew its like this הרב גרשון מנדל גרליק )

                          Cinzano: Rosso, Bianco and Extra Dry all bear the Israel chief rabbinates approval as well as Rabbi G.M. Garelik, Milan, Italy L'Mehadrin (according to the label)
                          [for example Cinzano: Cherry says "Lo Kasher" (Not Kosher) on the label in Hebrew.]

                          Campari: (a bitter liquor) also bears the Israel chief rabbinates approval as well as Rabbi G.M. Garelik, Milan, Italy L'Mehadrin (according to the lable)

                      2. So that prompts a new question: are there any Israeli brands of Vermouth that are out there. I suppose the real point of this line is to find new vermouth options.

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                          Carmel makes (or made 10+ years ago) a vermouth, but it was drek.

                        2. re: kosher vermouth
                          take a bottle of kosher sparkling wine, let it flatten out , or just a shotglass, depending on how much u need & use it instead of dry vermouth. though it's called dry vermouth that description does not pertain to it's sweetness. a riesling might work, as well.

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                            What's the point of using flat sparkling wine? Might as well use a regular wine and save time.

                            To be honest, I'm no longer looking for a kosher vermouth/ vermouth substitute. I just drink the gin straight, while waiving in the direction of France.

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                              Personally, I prefer the similar Alan Alda method:
                              "You pour six jiggers of gin, and you drink it while staring at a picture of Lorenzo Schwartz, the inventor of vermouth."
                              - Hawkeye Pierce, 4077 M.A.S.H

                          2. Another brand of Vermouth that is kosher in Israel aside from Martini & Rossi and Cinzano is Stock, an Italian brand of vermouth made under license in Israel. Stock has sweet red vermouth and Dry White Vermouth.

                            FYI: they also have a kosher version of Stock '84 kosher brandy in Israel.

                            recap: the brands that bear Kashrut (only if you see the Kashrut symbol that is) in Israel are: Martini & Rossi (Italian), Cinzano (Italian), Stock (Italian) and there is one more non-kedem local Israeli brand of vermouth available in the supermarkets in Israel.

                            Both Martini & Rossi and Cinzano can be found for around: NIS 40-58 (in USD$ ~ $11.50- $16.50)

                            I have tried Martini & Rossi: Rosso (sweet red vermouth) and Extra Dry
                            as well as Cinzano: Rosso (sweet red vermouth). My opinion is that they are both very good vermouths.

                            You can see the word "Kasher" in Hebrew mid-label and to its left is Rabbi G.M. Garelik, Milan, Italy Hechsher with the Rabbinate's approval around it.