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Jan 3, 2007 04:52 PM

Altoona / Roaring Springs, PA - Food recs?

Business trip next week will have me going to Roaring Springs, while staying in Altoona.
Any food suggestions?

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  1. You could try Fanelli's or the Allegro if you are on an expense account, Lena's is a red sauce Italian place, and Zack's is the sports bar with burgers.

    1. definitely hit lena's. the sauce is homemade daily and the knocchi's are outta this world. when i go home to pa. i hit lena's. lena was my aunt's mother and she had twin boys--blaine and duane. 1 is deceased now but the other twin runs it. also texas hotdogs for lunch. best hotdog sauce ever.

      1. Thank You grapevine. Had dinner at Finelli's last evening, and definitely a "super" chowhound recommendation. Everything prepared for each individual from scratch, so service was not "rapid", but it was a wonderful meal. I will definitely return the next time I am in Altoona.

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          You are very welcome. You should also try The Allegro sometime.