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Jan 3, 2007 04:24 PM

what is it about eating out?

I love to cook. When I cook I get that feeling that I'm in charge of the world that must have lured so many dictators, except that my kingdom is one of peace. But for some reason I find myself craving meals "out". Even if it's just Burger King. Is it being served? Do I just enjoy spending money? (FYI, other than bills and the necessary, I pretty much don't spend money on anything). Does anyone else suffer from this as well? What gives?

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  1. For me, there is just something immensely satisfying about sitting at a table and ordering something that strikes me as good at that very moment that I do not have to prep, cook, and clean up after. We don't go out often, but sometimes it's such a pleasure to get up at the end of the meal and go home to a clean kitchen.

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      I totally agree. I love cooking but sometimes allowing others to do it all is a pleasure. i have pretty much been cooking non-stop since returning from vacation in October and am ready to have someone else make my dinner.

    2. It's all the clean up after the meals that we dread!

      1. I would much rather eat out than at home. I love the whole experience of eating out whether it's a fast food joint or a top of the line special occasion place.

        For me, eating at home is nearly always a "have to" not a "want to".

        1. I think it's the cleanup. I'm pretty much the same - I LOVE cooking and making amazing concoctions....but damn if I don't hate the clean-up.

          Sometimes I crave fast food garbage and it makes me want to kick my own ass.....

          1. Every time we finish dinner, I do always think "Where IS that maid!??"

            Sadly, she's standing right there. So I put on the rubber gloves and start loading the damned dishwasher.