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Jan 3, 2007 04:12 PM

Joey's On Broadway - Vancouver

Can't seem to find any info on Joey's on broadway. Anybody ever been there? I'm told it's very good and I'm thinking of going there soon. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've read reviews of the new Joey's location on Broadway, both good and bad on I've never been to any of the Joey's restaurants, but I've heard the one in Coquitlam is better than the Broadway one.

      1. It was okay. Owned by the same group that owns Earls Restaurants. More of an upperscale, steakhouse atmosphere than Earls. Not a destination place but worth a visit if you're in the area. Good drinks list and appies.

        1. It's ok, but across the street is Cru, which is a much better choice =).

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          1. re: Chef Taryn Wa

            Chef Taryn Wa:

            Good to hear that CRU is still doing well. We were there a couple of years ago and had an outstanding meal and a lot of fun with all of the wine by the glass options and small plates. I recollect in particular a braised short rib dish, the mac & cheese and the Tiger Blue cheese from Poplar Grove.

          2. I would strongly suggest to avoid Joey's on Broadway.

            Joey's has the absolutely worst service of any restaurant in Vancouver - and we are speaking from a host of experience in this field.

            First of all, at 5:30pm when it's not busy at all and it's mostly empty, takes nearly 5 minutes to be seated.

            But, that put aside, the problem is with the highly incompetant service.

            I ordered Chicken Alfredo, but in the dish that I got - not a single piece of chicken to be seen. On the bill, of course, I was still billed for Chicken Alfredo, vs. the lower cost "chickenless" Alfredo other dish that I apparently got.

            Secondly, no refills on ice tea. While both of us had our food out, our ice tea glasses sat empty, until half an hour later (!!) when we ordered dessert we had to ask for refills, as obviously the server wasn't going to do that obvious thing on her own.

            But worst of all is the snail-paced service. About half of the time, if not more, the server was sitting down at one nearby table, chatting endlessly with the people there, while we and other of her customers' tables had to wait impatiently. During one of her multiple (each lasting some 3-10 minutes) sit-down chat-sessions at this table, another waiter came by and asked her to get up and do her job, but from what we could ascertain from reading lips and the body langauge, she refused, and continued the endless chat- session and ignoring her customers for a good few more minutes.

            It took us nearly 30 minutes from when we asked to order dessert to simply place that order, as for some 10 minutes at that time the server was sitting at the other table chatting endlessly, and at other times passed and totally ignored us multiple times, though we made eye contact and motions to ask her to come over and take the order.

            To top it all off, when we got the bill (after we had to ask for it to be corrected, as we were billed for chicken alfredo, when there was not a single piece of chicken to be found in it!) and the credit card slip, the pen given with that was out of ink.
            It is obvious that Joey's is hiring its servers from bottom of the barrel, the worst out

            While the food is adequate (though the potatoes with the steak taste suspiciously like plastic, in cheese that is in there - something is not fresh, or some plastic was mixed in with the cheese), the service at Joey's is absolutely the worst out there in Vancouver. And, this is not even at a busy time.

            Joey's seems to have no controls on its hiring, and no internal quality controls to ensure that its servers are working, as opposed to slacking off most of the time and sitting down and chatting with customers, while ignoring their numerous other tables.

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              Thanks, sounds like a horrible experience, reading some reviews at changed my mind also.