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Jan 3, 2007 04:11 PM

Hal Burger going?

Just saw a posting on a realestate website that Hal Burger restaurant is for sale (but not the name)....

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    1. re: paper_bag_princess

      Exactly as per my prediction !!!! Will be great to see them gone!

      1. One little thing. They're not closing. They're moving. Phew. You guys had me worried.

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        1. re: Googs

          Hopefully they make some serious changes if they really do move and not just close down!

          They should...
          1) serve juicier burgers
          2) serve tastier burgers
          3) serve a quality bun with the burgers
          4) re-assess the need to charge so much for a properly dressed burger and fries and drink!!!!!

          1. re: deelicious

            You guys are serious food snobs. Don't dis the Hal burger. I found their burger was juicy fresh and home made friggen condoments. Who can beat that. Their lamb burger was served with mint and mango chutney and it was outstanding. Sure it's more expensive but you get what you pay for. They butcher and grind the meat on site so it is exceedingly fresh and tasty.

            1. re: food face

              Uh...If you feel the need to eat a $15 lamb burger with mint and mango chutney, I don't know if you should call others a food snob. :)

              I've noticed a trend with high-end places serving kitsch low-end dishes, dress them up, jack up the price, and then everyone raves about how it was the best mac and cheese, burger, meat loaf, etc. they have ever had.

              I bet Hal burgers are good but I could make a better one at home I'm sure if I bought a pound of ground beef. Maybe it's just me but when I eat out I prefer to experiment with something I would find difficult to make myself.

              1. re: food face

                Sorry food face I wasn't dissing the lamb burger as I have never had it. I am dissing the beef burger. It absolutely sucks compared to a Shanghai Cowgirl burger for less money. And I really dont like their watery tasteless home-made ketchup, nor do I like paying for ketchup.

                I am not a food snob. I want flavour, preparation, quality to equal price-point. Yes my standard for a burger is set high. Because like badbhoy said, I can make awesome burgers at home. Shanghai has a juicy charcoally burger. Epicure has a great burger. Liberty a great tasty burger. Even the somewhat average burger at Gladstone is better than Hals.

                If Hal actually does move, I will try their new location....with all fingers crossed!

                1. re: deelicious

                  What's all this about being able to make awesome food at home? I can too, but lots of people can't, won't, can't be bothered, or prefer to pay the prices when eating out. Look at steak-house prices compared to what you might pay for the meat. Steak from my home bbq is excellent and a whole lot cheaper than dining out.
                  Plus, I like Hal Burgers. I haven't tried all of the others mentioned, though.

                  1. re: Yongeman

                    You missed my point. I expect a burger offered by a resto that ONLY SELLS PREMIUM PRICED BURGERS to be excellent. My standard is set by what I can easily make at home with no fuss and what other restos in the city offer. I am not comparing costs of home vs resto. I am not suggesting that you shouldnt eat out. I eat out 10-14 meals a week! I am simply saying IMO that Hal's sucks both for the money and for the satisfaction.

                    If you look at the postings you will see that Torontonians WANT a great burger in the city. So why is it that Hal's sits empty most of the time? Why is it that they cant support the location?

          2. I'm in the No-to-Hal camp. I have the same complaints as deelicious and probably won't try the new place. There are too many other restaurants (and burgers) to try.

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            1. re: mickeyj

              Yea I hear ya. But I just want to hope it can be good. I tried it two times shortly after they opened and decided to never ever go back. If they can pick up and re-locate (which would shock me) I will give them another shot.

            2. Tried Hal once, didn't find them tasty enough to return. There are many better burgers available in the city. Eggplant on King East make a great burger, so does the Beer Bistro, especially the cheese burger with stout infused aged cheddar.