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Jan 3, 2007 03:56 PM

South Beach Help!

Traveling to South Beach and looking for recommendations for a great/romantic birthday dinner. Price is not a problem, as long as the food and ambience are worth it.

Ideas so far:
Casa Tua
Blue Door

Any thoughts on these? Other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I was wondering -- has anyone eaten at Club Bed? Seems outrageously expensive, but a friend went there for a romantic evening and you are, well, in bed. . .

    1. I have been hearing really good things about Evolution in the Ritz Carlton. This is David Bouley's new restaurant and it is supposed to be gorgeous. Read the earlier posting from 12/17/06 on the board and take a look at their website for pics. I have also heard good reviews on Table 8 at the Regent Hotel, also very newly opened and I haven't been yet. The original is in L.A. If ambience and romance are key, then I would not do Talula, its very casual. I once dined there for my own birthday and felt somwhat dissappointed with the room. The others are fine but may not be "special" enough.

      1. Here's a link to my recent request..lots of good info..

        1. Nobu is better than all of your choices for what you are looking for.

          1. Talula is one of my favorite places for the food, but I'd have to agree that the ambience is more casual than you might want for a romantic b-day diner.

            Nobu is actually not a terribly romantic place either. Very crowded tables, and some people have said they feel like they are in the bottom of a pool (tile around all the walls). Food is excellent.

            Ola used to have a great, funky space on Biscayne Boulevard, but they moved to the Beach and seem to have lost their mojo. The new space, when I went several months ago, was very sterile and brightly lit. Again, food is quite interesting.

            I have not done Casa Tua or Blue Door.

            Haven't been, but have heard the Setai is a pretty unique experience. You better really mean it when you say price is no object - I've looked at the menu and it is outrageous (apps $20+, mains in the $40s).

            Have also heard good things about Bouley's Evolution but haven't tried yet.

            I've always liked the space at the Astor Hotel and hear that Johnny Vincenz is now back in the kitchen - which means I'll be going soon.

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              True that nobu is not terribly romantic (but it is great). More of a hip kind of place, still beats the other places mentioned that I have tried. If astor hotel is as good as it used to be, it is still not as good as nobu but might be quieter and more romantic so it would make it a difficult choice between the two.