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Jan 3, 2007 03:51 PM

Chicago hound needs dinner recs in Dallas near Convention Center and Adam's Mark

Arriving Sunday night for a conference. Need Sunday night dinner near Adam's Mark hotel and Monday night dinner Convention Center or hotel.

Not looking to spend a whole lot.


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  1. Do you want to stay downtown or are you willing to venture out a few miles?

    1. I won't have a car, so staying downtown or venturing out a short cab drive away would be preferred.

      1. The palm in the west end has been reliably good for me and is not super expensive.

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        1. re: don62

          The Palm has an outlet in Chicago, and it's better than the one in the West End.

        2. There are quite a few places in Uptown along McKinney Ave that are reasonable. What sort of food are you looking for?

          1. I'm not fussy.

            That said, Mexican is weak here in the Chicago burbs where I live. I miss my Los Angeles Mexican food (lived there for 6 years). Certainly Dallas has some?

            I think the key here is location and moderate pricing.