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Jan 3, 2007 03:42 PM

Need a Cheap Coffee Grinder

I purchased a Hamilton Beach coffee grinder over the summer. I really liked the retractable cord and the overall design. I guess I was twisting the lid too firmly and then the whole thing came apart exposing the motor and electronics. I tried and tried to put it back together with no success. My initial thought was to buy the same one. Any advice on coffee grinders? I need to buy one today.
I've been buying Dunkin Doughnuts coffee lately...sorry S.B. fans but I like D.D. coffee better. I use S.B. coffee at home though.

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  1. Costco had a very high-qual Cuisinart burr grinder for $30. I'm not sure what you mean by cheap, but this one was cheap in comparison with its value. It was also stainless-steel.

    1. This is mine, a Black & Decker. I got it at Wal-Mart -- I wanna say $10 but I don't really remember. Cheap and works like a charm. http://www.blackanddeckerappliances.c...

      1. I have a Braun and a Salton coffee grinder. The tip of the blade broke from the Salton, but the motor still works fine. I use the Salton for grinding spices, and the Braun is used daily for coffee.

        Salton is not made anymore, but Braun are widely available and inexpensive(under $30)

        1. The standard oval Krups grinder is $20 and will last for years. Plus, you can grind spices and nuts in it.

          1. I would definitely recommend a burr grinder over a blade grinder. I upgraded to one about 4 years ago. I make espresso and drip at home and I can adjust the coarseness much better with a burr grinder. The less expensive ones do produce some powder, but this is fairly minor and certainly better than the random grind size produced with a blade grinder. I'd go with that $30 Cuisinart burr grinder from Costco in a minute.