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Jan 3, 2007 03:32 PM

Who New ?- Trans fats in Starbuck's pastries ... Me!

On the new's this morning Starbucks announced they are taking trans fats out of their pastries in six major cities. Who new trans fats were in these upscale delights ? Me !
I am an addicted cook and baker ( who graduated from culinary school ) - I know a thing or two about food ingredients. Those tempting pastries that sit behind glass displays all day I always knew were carriers of trans fats. Hydrgenated oil makes for a tender crumb, and is less expensive than butter. Mostly, these shortenings allow food to stay fresher longer - duh!
I buy few " prepared " desserts because they are mostly filled with this type of garbage.
Have you ever read the ingredient list on most commercial boxed cookies and cakes ?
I call them chemical projects. If my kids want these items, I make them read the ingredient list out loud, then count the number of ingredients. I can't remember the last time I made a cake with 42 ingredients.

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  1. did they report whether the change had anything to do with NYC banning transfats in restaurant food?
    I'm interested to see how that NYC Dept of Health ruling plays out with the major chains . . .

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    1. re: pitu

      This seemed like an independent report. What choice does Starbucks have then to comply ?
      It will be interesting to see how this plays out ...
      I do love my pies with a tablespoon or two of crisco, maybe I should reformulate.
      I'm not a big consumer of pastries ( I love to bake ). But, I never thought their stuff was bad either. I've tasted from my friend's plates. You know you have seasoned taste buds when you can taste the trans fat ! Be well.

    2. Boston area news reported this morning that Starbucks is claiming the trans-fat bust was in the works for two years (but why would it take two years?????). Whole Foods has been making pastry and cakes without trans fats since its genesis. I like Starbucks, but to me they area trying to ride the wave of the recent NYC ban to see where it goes. And I too always thought their claim to higher quality beans and such meant no trans fats in bake goods. And to think I've been chowing on their stuff all these years while drinking my NONFAT Cap. (Ugh!)

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      1. re: Buddernut

        I think Starbucks reacted when they had to. There sales are strong, why mess with a proven thing? Whole Food's message from the begining has been health concscience, they understood the benefit of not creating food with junk in it. Their customers are more purists... and they have found their niche. I guess the Starbuck's customer who buys a 720 calorie drink
        can afford a treat with a little trans fat. Agree ?

      2. Starbucks pastries have never been "fresh." The croissants always seem 2 days old at least. The NPR story I heard today made it sound like Starbucks makes their own pastries, but that's not my understanding at all. To my knowledge, they ask local corporate bakeries to provide their baked goods. For example, in Seattle it was Schwartz Bros. for years and years.

        1. I was told that Starbs buys from local vendors. They are the Entitled Generation. As soon as they saw the way the press was going, ZAP I'm doing it and look at me. Need to keep selling those $6 granday-lattay-poopay-soy-cappolatttas. What a monster we have created.

          1. I am not surprised. Their "pastries" are terrible in every market I've visited. Hardly upscale. The taste like they have transfats in them too.