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Jan 3, 2007 03:14 PM

andouille and tasso in austin

does anyone have recommendations about where to get good andouille or tasso or other cajun goods in austin? i know you can get some of this at central market, but i'm hoping there's a place like burt's meat market in houston somewhere in town...


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  1. Go to Quality Seafood for decent Andouille that is not frozen.If you'll accept frozen there is a Specs on the NE corner of Airport and 290 that also has it.Longhorn Meats on MLK has Al T's Boudin which is roughly comparable to DJ's in quality.Tasso comes and goes at Fiesta Supermarket but I have purchased it there in the past.

    1. I order mine from Poche's (Breaux Bridge) or buy it by the carload when I visit La. No luck around town.

      Adequate boudin to be had at Whole Foods (store made) or HEB (Cajun holler).

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        As a long term lover and seeker of Boudin I have to make my voice heard about "Cajun Holler",it is wretched.Seek and find DJ's or Al T's yehudimenuhin and you will discover a very stark difference in taste.

      2. central market has good store made sausage.

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          I agree. CM's garlic sausage is delicious. I use it in my Crock Pot "cassoulet"

        2. Central Market (the central location) does have good smoked Andouille, but you have to know where to find it. Don't go to the meat section where they have their bacon, sausage, pre-packaged chicken, etc - all they have there is Cajun Holler, which I agree is poor. Instead, go to the area of the store just pass the sliced meat deli, where they have the olive bar and assorted dips/pestos/etc. Just past there is a small section which has "gourmet" (for lack of a better word) pre-packeged meats (sausages, weiners, stuff like that). They have andouille sausage there which is quite good - I don't remember the brand, but it's someone's name and is made in south Louisiana. It's expensive, though, I think roughly $10 for a pound.

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            You can also find boudin in the frontier country store in Gauge TX. On 290 between Giddings and Elgin. They have plain, hot, and garlic. Being from Baton Rouge, I'd say it's pretty dang good.